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  • CaptainSymbols

    "Albums I used to not want but then I listened to them over and over again until they gave me stockholm syndrome and I started to like them but I can't afford them because only 30 copies were made on cassette and then thrown into a dumpster and now a fat mexican sells copies from the bathroom in a denver dennys for 5000 dollars a pop and I don't have that kind of money and I'm too shy to offer oral sex"

    maj 2015
  • JuniorMcCartney

    "Albums I don't want, cause I'm just not in the mood. Just stop it, not today. Jesus, Harry. I have a headache and we have a big day tomorrow. Reverend Jones says he has a big announcement, and I want to be good and rested so we can make enough kool-aid for everyone." tag

    april 2015
  • Andrey_Romanov


    oktober 2012
  • SadBoring

    Dumb tag is dumb.

    december 2010
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