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  • CapricornSun33

    I agree it's not a musical genre. And I admit I really don't get the concept. It should be called Afro-hipster. To me, Afropunk seems to be a term coined for Afro-Americans with Pitchfork-friendly musical tastes. As much as I think Erykah Badu and Janelle Monae are great artists, they strictly have nothing to do with punk (yet they are palatable to Pitchfork readers). Now if you say The BellRays or Noisettes are Afropunk, I'll tend to agree.

    maj 2015
  • TheOnlyRoc

    its not a musical genre. not all tags are genres. thats why they're called tags. Afro-punk is a website for black punks that does a music festival and compilations.

    maj 2014
  • i_love_mangos

    didnt kno it was this is music right???

    november 2011
  • UrbanRockRadio

    THE URBAN ROCK RADIO SHOW @ WWW.WHFR.FM 89.3FM Weekly show featuring Black Rock & Afropunk Weds 10AM on 89.3 FM WHFR. Live in-studio performances. Internet & smart phone streaming. Podcasts.

    maj 2011
  • ArmsofSorrow80

    Without Little Richard, there is no rock n roll.

    augusti 2010
  • white_dunks

    Little Richard is afro-punk? Err.

    juli 2010
  • ll2k1985

    this tag is fucking dumb if all you have to do is be black and have released music in the last century

    april 2010
  • ll2k1985

    right now i'm seeing Chuck Berry, Joan Armatrading, Kele Okereke, The Temptations

    april 2010
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