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måndag 31 augusti 2015
Monday Social feat. Doc Martin & Garth at SOUND
Doc Martin, GarthConcert
Sound Nightclub
Los Angeles, USA
34.101052 -118.336056

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  • cinquefoilz

    Yeezus is dope, acid house is dope, ONE LOVE

    juni 2015
  • oskarHabs252013

    Kanye is in no way acid house lmao, Yeezus has a couple tracks (On Sight, Send it Up) that are definitely influenced by acid house but i mean come on yo

    februari 2015
  • PseudoLocus

    Just doing what Kanye West does best: jumping on stage and invading other things.

    februari 2015
  • madnessXD

    WTF Is Kanye West Doing Here ? [13] I really hate that guy.

    januari 2015
  • bulbbeing

    It's probably On Sight yeah.

    november 2014
  • The_SchizoidMan

    WTF Is Kanye West Doing Here ? [12]

    november 2014
  • RyanCalvin

    I think it's that opening track "On Sight" on his new album. Think about it this way, if one Kanye song is tagged "Acid" by some fan it's gonna be on here, because he's too popular.

    november 2014
  • mikeloco14

    WTF is Kanye West doing here? [INT_MAX]

    oktober 2014
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