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fredag 3 juli 2015
The Independent
San Francisco CA, USA
37.775529 -122.437757

19 var där

4 hojtningar
Boys of Zummer Tour with Fall Out Boy, Wiz Khalifa, Hoodie Allen
Fall Out Boy, Wiz Khalifa, Hoodie AllenConcert
Giant Center
Hershey PA, USA
40.286499 -76.669207

1 var där

Dizzy Wright's The Growing Process Tour
Dizzy Wright, Jahni DenverConcert
West Hollywood, Los Angeles CA, USA
34.08151 -118.389272
Don Records LLC presents "REMEMBER MY NAME"
Lil DurkConcert
Monroe Lounge
Dallas, TX, USA
I dag
Wiz KhalifaConcert The Pavilion at Montage Mountain
Scranton, USA
Chris BrownConcert Drais Rooftop Nightclub
Las Vegas, USA


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  • christinakualii

    yo RZA yo razor hit me with the major

    senaste månaden
  • seeemilieplaysf

    L$D from A$AP Rocky;s new album A.L.L.A. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEG2VTHS9yg

    senaste månaden
  • LAHardwave

    underground L.A. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzgRNEUk868

    maj 2015
  • eddyabboud

    If anyone is interested in any instrumentals or dope beats makes sure to check out DoggyBag Records. Always looking for slick rappers, dope flow and people who want to make art! https://soundcloud.com/doggybag-records also we have a beat market and a Facebook page so make sure to get in on this chance!

    april 2015
  • GodofDeathMetal

    The D.O.C. and 2Pac are the best hip-hop artists.

    april 2015
  • MegaDave89

    Jay-Z and 2pac are good.

    april 2015
  • exhaleless

    guys! please help me! I need to remember one oldy hip-hop song and its making me crazy! chorus sounds like " save me, nananana **ve me, nanana nana **ve me be careful nanana" or somehow like that, and when the rap goes. please anybody help ><><

    april 2015
  • royalrxuk

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    april 2015
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