Boogie woogie

Boogie woogie är en pianobaserad musikgenre utvecklad ur blues. Den uppkom i USA:s sydstater omkring år 1900 och var populär i slutet av 1930-talet och början av 1940-talet, med musiker som Albert Ammons, Meade ”Lux” Lewis och Pete Johnsson. Läs mer...|Redigera detta Artistfoto: Emerson, Lake & Palmer

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boogie woogie spelningar i USAse alla

onsdag 2 september 2015
Honey Island Swamp Band
Bob MaloneConcert
Sellersville Theater
Sellersville, PA, USA
40.359344 -75.311631


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  • pianistaboogie

    HI FRIENDS.I PLAY AND LISTEN BOOGIE WOOGIE AND BLUES FOR PIANO SOLO.Is there anyone among you who shares the same hobby? I'm interested in sharing scores and CDs. This is my ebay page

    augusti 2014
  • wills316

    The style of music enjoyed by my late grandfather, it will always remind me of him

    maj 2013
  • siebensunden

    No description of boogie woogie? That's sad.

    februari 2011
  • ricardomayrinck

    Hey, marrazzomm, thats because in "Works, Vol. 2" they play some songs like "Honky Tonk Train Blues", from Meade Lux Lewis, "Maple Leaf Rag" or even "Barrelhouse Shake-Down" that really sounds like some boogie woogie songs, but is the only disc when songs like this appear, I guess.

    april 2010
  • marrazzomm

    Under "Top Artists" in this category "Boogie Woogie", I see "Emerson, Lake, and Palmer"?!? They're splendid musicians, but Boogie Woogie is not where anybody I know of would expect to see them listed. Maybe we could get the Sex Pistols in here, or Tiny Tim, or even Abba.

    augusti 2009
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