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  • dosighet

    tags should not be opinions, you're right. this one is exception but actually nothing's wrong with that cause everybody knows that it's statistically based on most of people taste and we can just deal with it as an another information. but again.. chopin's here?

    oktober 2014
  • Cirno_-9

    Tags should not be opinions. They should be facts. A tag is something that describes its target. "2 Stars" describes the user's listening taste instead. Don't get me wrong; I completely understand the need for a rating system. It is human nature to rate things in such ways, but it should be understood by everyone that such rating systems reflect the tastes of the voters more than it does the quality of the music.

    oktober 2013
  • dosighet


    april 2013
  • adam_wrong

    HAHAHA fuck you

    november 2011
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