• Earth - The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull

    21 apr 2008, 02:11 av Incubus_SCIENCE


    Godfather of metal, Dylan Carson, has composed yet another stunningly beautiful arrangement. The title of the record describes the album better than any other words possibly can. Carson's guitar emits light rays which slowly seep down the side of the rhythmic backbone set by the pulsating drumming. The guitar travels as slowly, like dripping honey, all through the album, weaving together the piano and drums. As a finishing textual touch, Grammy award-winning jazz guitarist Bill Frisell paints in small details above all the other harmonic layering. At first listen, the melodies stick like honey to the listener's skull. They are toyed with, altered, and modified until finally repeated and resolved towards the end of each track. Due to Earth's minimalistic approach. any subtle difference in the repeating melody is immediately noticed by the listener. …