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Young and in the Way


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  • darkgnome

    Something something dark side...

    22 aug 13:28 Svara
  • cbarnhart


    5 aug 02:34 Svara
  • somacarcrash

    WLCTD is killer

    31 jul 21:48 Svara
  • dopevein

    Killed Richmond last night.

    26 jul 14:46 Svara
  • defclassic


    16 jul 00:28 Svara
  • darkgnome

    charmingaxelotl: Back in the day yes, maybe they have evolved to be cynical cunts like the rest of us :D

    14 jul 08:09 Svara
  • Sutinen

    Weep in my dust is awesome!

    13 jul 07:49 Svara
  • charmingaxelotl

    crusties believe in peace??

    9 jul 02:52 Svara
  • Samurro

    Music sounds good, but if I take a look at those photos from some of their gigs...

    8 jul 10:21 Svara

    the music sounds like Craft. the live show is like Watain.

    5 jul 03:04 Svara
  • vividserenity

    lol poser? Isn't that a word high schoolers use when people aren't scene enough to fit into the "scene"? I know I know, it's because of all of the "production" *eye roll*. People put far too many rules on their music listening and not enough focus on just listening to the sounds, and deciding on their own.

    3 jul 15:48 Svara
  • Lost_Souls_UK

    If Watain means poser then, faintly...

    1 jul 14:25 Svara
  • darkgnome

    EnkerSS: Nope.

    1 jul 10:48 Svara
  • darkgnome

    OSIRUS187: But it seems many bands still hope for a better future. Seeing this world as the shit it is is not hard.

    1 jul 10:48 Svara
  • EnkerSS

    does anybody else hear a little bit of watain in their music?

    29 jun 19:16 Svara
  • OSIRUS187

    @darkgnome;.part when you mentioning that they all believe in peace and so on is a little farfetched. I suggest you for instance listening to some FIlth Of Mankind. Truth be told most crust bands are far away from selling opitmistic vision of life and YAITW are no exception with their nihilistic philosophy. @Neverminddddd ;Comparing their music to hippie movement is a joke.

    29 jun 10:44 Svara
  • darkgnome

    charmingaxelotl: They don't shower, they smoke weed, they believe in peace and all that shit. Pretty much the same shit in a different package.

    27 jun 06:22 Svara
  • GrannyGreen

    I found their older stuff boring and the new album ridiculously awesome.

    26 jun 02:34 Svara
  • charmingaxelotl

    since when are crusties even remotely close to hippies lol

    25 jun 01:02 Svara
  • ynasqzae

    New album is fucking ridiculous! Old stuff was fine, but this nails it.

    24 jun 19:57 Svara
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