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  • TylerSymes

    Seems like I already said that like 2 years.

    oktober 2013
  • TylerSymes

    Used to remind me of Batman.

    oktober 2013
  • Mechayoshi


    april 2013
  • dollface622

    Kick Ass.

    april 2013
  • Gabriel2896

    dat riff

    mars 2013
  • bachankas


    oktober 2012
  • TakeThisLife-

    oh no, not misfits

    oktober 2012
  • jess_white

    \\\\\\\/////// thats why its awesome

    augusti 2012
  • Krmgtsm7

    Led Zeppelin vs The White Stripes = Wolfmother

    juni 2012
  • ChrisFallout

    That riff, builds it up so much and sounds so freakin' awesome...

    maj 2012
  • TylerSymes

    This should be in a batman movie

    mars 2012
  • leofaig

    \/ u don't have taste for music :)

    februari 2012
  • AndersJMoen

    their only good song....

    januari 2012
  • hunnybunny21

    i would do this for kareoke

    januari 2012
  • CampGuyTony

    This version of the band was great

    november 2011
  • Maiii_

    The Hangover :}

    november 2011
  • leofaig

    this intro kicks asses!

    november 2011
  • redandblu

    ahhhh soo awesome

    oktober 2011
  • SeriousFucker

    This song seriously fucks!

    oktober 2011
  • b1gag3

    I just love this track!

    oktober 2011
  • TheMusicMuncher


    juli 2011
  • MrLennyPenny

    Definitely the best song ever !!!

    juli 2011
  • RoomForSymmetry

    Appergiating guitar riff FTW!

    juni 2011
  • s4ch1n

    VH1 Rock rules

    april 2011
  • vserafini28

    Andrew rocks man

    december 2010
  • ghostchild1979

    I think that guitar part from the intro is used by WWE when they do their "draft picks" show. lol....random, I know.

    december 2010
  • silverbomber

    riffage ! this song sounds like an old classic rock song but sang by Jack White.

    november 2010
  • captainnerdo


    oktober 2010
  • Amaru_Cheetox

    pure classic rock, sometimes you just can't beat it

    september 2010
  • putsch

    big one

    augusti 2010
  • HepburnJen

    aaahhhh loooooovee <3

    augusti 2010
  • Trollishness

    Great Hendrix tribute... love this track!

    juli 2010
  • Driverzx

    the squeecking at the end is just awesome

    juni 2010
  • The80sFan

    These guys are all about classic style rock to me, and they never disappoint. So far they have yet to produce a bad album. Even the EP with 4 tracks I have from 2004 on CD is pretty kick ass before their debut album!

    juni 2010
  • NurseStitch

    Kick ass intro! Woooo!

    maj 2010
  • scientist4u

    wonderful , wonderful wonderful !!!!!

    maj 2010
  • DiscoSaMsI

    When I first time heard this song I thought that Jack W. is singing ;))

    april 2010
  • musiccjunky

    i really like their song Woman and White Unicorn..absolutely two of my favs..but they're sound isnt so original..

    mars 2010
  • tonythetiger15

    for some reason this reminds me of Rag and Bone by The White Stripes....

    mars 2010
  • sdlierle

    The Austarlian Bands have been rockin' the scene for the past couple of years just like the British invasion of the 60's!!!!!!!

    mars 2010
  • foogirl73

    the vocals on this song sound exactly like Jack White.... I can't believe it's not him singing......

    mars 2010
  • MotorCityShake

    yeah these guys arent that good...dont get the hype... its all borrowed with nothing original...this band is meh

    mars 2010
  • polo77j

    Zootex, yes this song was inspired by All Along the Watchtower ... only the Jimmy Hendrix version ... Andrew Stockdale's a beast!

    mars 2010
  • BenRiemersma

    actually don't see/hear the pink floyd part :)

    februari 2010
  • sdlierle

    One of the best rock-n-roll bands of the new millineum! They are part AC/DC, part Pink Floyd, part Zappa and all rock-n-roll!

    februari 2010
  • wanneeickel11

    FORCE. ♥

    februari 2010
  • dopamin_92

    @zootex: that's what I'm thinking about everytime i hear all along the watch tower.

    januari 2010
  • zootex

    i wonder if the title of the song came from bob dylans all along the watch tower song

    januari 2010
  • fulcaveda26


    januari 2010
  • SilverSunMuse

    BAMF song

    januari 2010