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  • retroguy

    Geez, I have to remember not to forget great songs and bands like this.

    maj 2014
  • GreggWH

    Wish the Belland sisters could cut another record.

    november 2013
  • KingFahtah

    What the world needs now is another independent love song like we need a hole in the head

    november 2013
  • sigmamaximus

    lovely !

    januari 2013
  • flubbles1982

    Our queen bee just buzzes.

    mars 2012

    Oh wow, totally forgot about this one!

    februari 2012
  • Rhyme79

    Still sounds great. :D

    februari 2012
  • RichInNC

    The 'Nighthawks'-come-to-life video for this one is great.

    februari 2011
  • GreggWH

    The best sister rock act since the Wilsons.

    september 2010

    G**** ღ ♫♥

    augusti 2010
  • Wildslag

    A quality band - something different and Woddy from Madness too... I'd rather be looking at these two girls' behinds than clocking the rear-ends of Suggs et al...

    augusti 2010
  • cougarwitchusa

    eeeuuuww... this is not shakespears sister what are you doing...hands on my ears,,,

    juni 2010
  • ludditelen

    I always think that the words deserve a stronger delivery. Too much sugar, not enough salt. But then I am president elect of the bitter and twisted club.

    april 2010
  • millman59

    reminds me off echo and the bunnymen

    januari 2010
  • Badgerinmaine

    One of my favorite 100 songs of all time. I teach Political Science, and I've used this song to talk about human nature and the US Constitution (playing off of Alexander Hamilton's "If men were angels, we would have no need of government" line.)

    augusti 2009
  • daileron38

    This is the first VoB track I've come across where I'm not the first one to comment. Where have you folks been?

    juli 2009
  • momoninja


    juni 2009
  • Hi66ychix

    "there's peacefulness and a rage inside us all"

    april 2009
  • Chester365

    Voice of the Beehive were great

    mars 2009