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  • IHSjohansson

    To all u bitching bout the lack of Intelligent Hoodlum songs on top 15; Tragedy Khadafi used the Hoodlum moniker until '93 so just scrobble first 2 LPs as Intelligent Hoodlum. After serving time & gettin his shit together late 90's, he became Khadafi. Probably wanted to use the Tragedy ID on Saga but the management proly worried about confusion or controversy 'cause Muammar al-Quadafi had officially been appointed devil by then, lockerbie & all that, 1st Gulf war was on so USA wanted to put focus off their current ally iran (evidence points to the ayatollahs martyrs dopin the deed, but al-Quadafi's a perfect scapegoat; the exentric figurehead of a (dangerously) thriving ex-colony, Libyan oil owned by Libya ticked US capitalism off.. Nationalizing resources benefits the people & the people shall be kept in poverty & obsession so they can strive for the american dream instead of organize & read.

    juli 2013
  • olskoolcassette

    check out this dope mix called CNN … Network Channel 10 (Capone-N-Noreaga Tragedy Khadafi mix): http://i.mixcloud.com/CBvspL

    december 2012
  • Chingy314

    is tk still in jail or not? can't wait his new album!

    augusti 2012
  • tommy85lastfm

    T.M#3 is a fuckin bomb!.QB

    november 2011
  • vitameen


    oktober 2011
  • AxelFooley


    september 2011
  • Den_Homicide

    TM3 <<< TM103 (Jeezy) lol

    september 2011
  • ChinaBuffet

    looks like gucci

    augusti 2011
  • Steinslione

    You guys sleeping on Tragedy: Saga of a Hoodlum or what? It's the posse, shoot 'em up shoot 'em up!

    juli 2011
  • Blue_Key

    sun tzu the art of war

    juni 2011
  • Bakin_Koljac_22

    QB finest .. !!

    maj 2011
  • rockho

    free trag.

    februari 2011
  • bochka69

    we need some new trag shit asap!!! he should drop another album

    oktober 2010
  • runningdeep

    a lyrical terminator!

    september 2010
  • disco_nerd

    FREE Tragedy!

    augusti 2010
  • undrgroundsound

    free trag

    juli 2010
  • Batuveli

    This cat is lyrically unstoppable. He's dope as fuuuuck

    juni 2010
  • hasafienda

    Arrest the President.....Arrest the President.....Arrest the President

    maj 2010
  • Liquid_Exodus

    nothing from Intelligent Hoodlum is in the top 15? What a shame.

    mars 2010
  • allancoote


    januari 2010
  • Jeune_Pederaste

    Libérez Tragédie Khadafi !

    januari 2010
  • ReSval

    FREE TRAGEDY (9)! One motherfucking year left!!!!

    januari 2010
  • KingSmokey

    Free Tragedy ! (5)

    november 2009
  • Talsus

    Free Tragedy ! (2)

    oktober 2009
  • hasafienda

    HIs contributions on The War Report are a strong part of what made the album so damn great.

    september 2009
  • Free-Khadafi

    Khadafi fuckin' legend!

    september 2009
  • TheBartner

    New!!! Cormega - Journey (Full and Clean version) from Born & Raised! http://www.limelinx.com/files/96d291a040cd8dcaf6b76d4491dc872c The right tag is "Journey", even though the DJ says "Philosophy"....

    augusti 2009
  • ZipZapRap

    Haha ja Userpic ist echt scheiße...aber er heißt ja nicht umsonst Khadafi the Intelligent Hoodlum. Still reportin ist trotzdem dope!

    juni 2009
  • pirateballoon

    anybody know where i can get the Thug Matrix 4118 album?

    maj 2009
  • G-P-S

    Two-Five to life!!!!!

    maj 2009
  • Aujla23


    april 2009
  • ReSval

    On December 27, 2007, Tragedy was sentenced to four years in jail for a drug bust in New York. He is scheduled to be released on January 21, 2011

    mars 2009
  • mflic


    januari 2009
  • deepfriedbrain

    locked up? thats rough....damn that sucks... how many years has it been so far? or is this recent?

    augusti 2008
  • hermanator05

    break bread w cormega is the absolute mothafuckin truth

    mars 2008
  • Jux23

    Nas is the best QB rapper, he's second!

    februari 2008
  • Otiz_Knarf

    Yes it is true, think he got 4 years or something.

    januari 2008
  • Gary-NFFC

    Is it true that he is locked up?

    januari 2008
  • isuru_boy


    september 2007
  • Shawndesman82

    watch Kojiro the top this week.look for his other music taste! did he deserve that place??

    augusti 2007
  • Neal3

    only 38,000 plays? wow... thats shocking

    juni 2007
  • keyboy111

    dang, never knew he was in the Juice Crew

    juni 2007
  • TheDeathrow

    best qb rapper ever

    april 2007
  • Kosa12


    januari 2007
  • sdott313

    trag is dat dude

    december 2006
  • Alin

    If you enjoy this artist you should join the Underground Hip-Hop group. See you there.

    augusti 2006