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Little Earthquakes Era
Tillagt av Numenesse_ den 14 okt 2008
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  • Harfang

    Ah yes, under the ivy... or in it, in this case. With the older photos, I think the photographers and magazine people are to blame for the Kate thing. This is LE era and in general, they were figuring out how to sell or flatter her. She is of course very influenced by Kate, which she's never denied, and was often accused of flat-out ripping her off, from '91 through '95 especially. (Actually I find a lot of Kate influence on the YKTR album but that's just me. ;] ) The point is, I think the industry set her up to be compared, in many ways. Atlantic had to market her in a whole new way for them, and no one else really had a precedent either... except for how the Brits did Kate.

    4 feb 2009 Svara
  • Numenesse_

    i got the same impression ;) very specific one but pretty at the same time.

    20 jan 2009 Svara
  • WingsOfSeraphim

    this is pretty, but obviously inspired by Kate Bush. again.

    12 dec 2008 Svara