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  • nygal28

    I LOVE country music, and was skeptical that she wanted to do this but the album turned out awesome..especially the live version she did, but i'm glad she went back to her original stuff.

    maj 2013
  • userabc123

    just becuase its michelle branch Ill listen to it

    januari 2013
  • PurplePostRock

    Shit, I hate country

    juni 2012
  • FloydFTM

    Really like this song, bonny lasses as well!!!

    december 2011
  • annebri

    LOVE IT! [2]

    december 2011
  • sugarpal

    LOVE IT!

    december 2011
  • kali_ram


    september 2011
  • heres2urears

    I love the Wreckers! The entire CD is exceptional--wish they'd record another.

    augusti 2011
  • crazybronco


    juni 2011
  • crazybronco

    best female duet I know of. Great sound

    juni 2011
  • Emster319

    Leave the pieces when ya go......... <3 :)

    januari 2011
  • CcKarama_23

    dont worry about this heart of mine..just take our love and hit the road... <3 this song is great...a little sad for me but still good..it gets me everytime.

    januari 2011
  • nickie8885

    every girl needs to listen to this its up bringing a little bit lol

    oktober 2010
  • msjbean

    Hm...sounds similar to Dixie Chicks?

    oktober 2010
  • imsocorkyy

    love this song <3 <3 <3

    oktober 2010
  • bella199830

    it is ? really

    september 2010
  • scarletfaery

    I like this soooo much better than Michelle Branch's other stuff

    juli 2010
  • caraaa2

    there's nothing you can do or say, you're gonna break my heart anyway.

    maj 2010
  • lindakerr

    gr8 song

    april 2010
  • JosiRiley

    Beautiful song. Fell in love with it the first time i heard it.

    april 2010
  • zephyr2012


    mars 2010
  • BabboonBoy

    Love this song, amd the album. Hope they release another album someday.

    mars 2010
  • fjooner

    galdsad> wow, I can't imagine what you do when feel really crazy!

    februari 2010
  • LouisaViolet

    Awesome song ♥

    januari 2010
  • Storm317

    Michelle to have my baby!!! now!!! :P

    december 2009
  • southbound6942

    Just an awesomely good song.

    december 2009
  • bayo3345

    Good song.

    september 2009
  • Des_Mor

    this song was meant for me

    april 2009
  • smlpurple

    This song says it all!

    mars 2009
  • heartbroken12

    wow love this song its like my theme song, absolutely love it.

    februari 2009
  • tiggprinny

    my favourite song by "The Wreckers"

    februari 2009
  • iNeonPanda

    Love it!

    februari 2009
  • WendyWoo05

    Oooo very nice!!!

    januari 2009
  • supergleison


    januari 2009
  • Youfie

    its nice good girls

    januari 2009
  • balletchic3

    its good

    december 2008
  • WiLLIaMTwain

    Michele Branch was a kinda Alanis singer,and's come to Shania's side,with a great composition! But Shania and Alanis,despite their differences,sound like each other!

    december 2008
  • jordan1985hartl

    love this

    december 2008
  • lissawork

    Their harmony is so nice.

    november 2008
  • xfaixalx

    long time since

    november 2008
  • Marqueur

    Pas mal

    november 2008
  • ubersreik

    nice very nice

    november 2008
  • blabbers


    oktober 2008
  • Thahab


    oktober 2008
  • ssseboisttt

    I love this song.

    oktober 2008
  • cnscns

    seviorum bu sarkıyı...:)

    september 2008
  • emmaforman

    love this song

    september 2008
  • troyadambauer

    always liked michelle but I like these two better together!

    augusti 2008
  • vhenscent


    augusti 2008
  • stephanielab

    the line: theres nothing you can do or say, youre gonna break my heart anyway love it.

    maj 2008