• Blocking out other peoples' noise

    29 jan 2006, 21:59 av JellyKitten26

    The disadvantages of doing Art at my school/college place is the fact that there is a radio and CD player on almost every lesson.

    And I hate everything they play.

    For example, 2 lessons were filled with Stars of CCTV. And I realised just how rubbish that album is. Except the best bit: the end of the lesson when the music finally stopped.
    I tried to like Hard-Fi, I mean, I thought Hard to Beat was alright, but their music just annoys me. And so does the singer, I have no idea why, but he does.

    Then, if we've got the radio on, it's normally a local station which has always been full of rubbishness, including the most irritating song, I Like the Way You Move. Then, we get Radio 1. Which is almost identical.

    So, my choice of music to block out that sort of thing last week were mainly:
    The Lexicon Of Love
    And some other odd songs.

    Then again, thinking about it, I don't know how many people in the class would appreciate the kind of music I play...