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  • joshuak89

    makes me feel like i just had an epiphany

    januari 2014
  • DanielCondex

    This is so gorgeous, like, life-defining gorgeous.

    juni 2013
  • AmargoSon


    november 2012
  • tweexcoreasfuck

    the ping pong sample is the best part of this song

    oktober 2012
  • fabe4you


    augusti 2012
  • Leinad-95

    tripping and soothing. [2]

    juli 2012
  • MoeKun

    Truly grateful for the existence of this masterpiece.

    mars 2012
  • tkklawl

    so high 2

    juni 2011
  • Noventra

    so high

    mars 2011
  • fernandojam

    i'm not joking u__u

    mars 2011
  • nickvb

    fucking amazing

    februari 2011
  • thinkingloudly

    i can't stress enough how much i LOVE how the song starts. Like he's checking if the guitar's tuned. and yes i LOVE the whale sound and the lyrics. beautiful

    januari 2011
  • robertfjr

    tripping and soothing.

    december 2010
  • snah_

    the strange whale song sound or what ever it is that starts at 1:42 just melts me, it turns me to ether and i float with my eyes closed.

    november 2010
  • seannyboy76

    love this song very much

    november 2010
  • DadForSong

    This song is absolutely gorgeous.

    augusti 2010
  • sdanner13

    i think the lack of lyrics make the song, they give yr mind the blueprint & you go with it

    augusti 2010
  • prc5039

    this song hits the spot perfectly

    juni 2010
  • AsthrayHeart

    Very beautiful, although I wish there were more lyrics.

    maj 2010
  • baumandm

    Sounds like how it looks outside today...

    maj 2010
  • ihateRBF

    Yup, epic ping-pong rally going on in the beginning.

    maj 2010
  • munchiselleh

    incredible song

    maj 2010
  • das_abraham

    i looooove this song! and haha, i thought it was like someone tap dancing. but ping pong sounds way more fuN!

    maj 2010
  • chipthesheep

    dito! the ping pong sound is great!

    april 2010
  • CollectToNYC

    sounds like he's playing with a ping pong ball and a paddle in the beginning haha. love it

    april 2010
  • kinemascopio

    absolutely beautifull....

    april 2010
  • Winsenes

    Best song on the album. Best song of 2010 so far.

    april 2010
  • beatyrheartout

    whoa i just realized that "do i love you? yes i love you. but it's easy come/easy go" is from the song "tinseltown in the rain" by the Blue Nile! thanks Google for inadvertently reminding me!

    april 2010
  • Fevered17


    april 2010
  • marcozer0


    mars 2010
  • aepje

    Do i love you? Yeah i love you.

    februari 2010
  • asdras

    This song chills out!

    februari 2010
  • julesbanks


    februari 2010