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  • BlueOclock

    Good song but every time I play The Police Radio, when they do play them, which isn't often, it's one of their lesser songs.

    maj 2012
  • purple-dirk

    The Police ... Dein Freund und Helfer.

    september 2010
  • paulie2703

    Regetta de Blanc and Parallel Lines by Blondie were my first LPs, back in the day. Still sounding good too!

    maj 2009
  • fire5150

    Stewart Copeland.....Rock On Bro

    oktober 2008
  • ramonelx1234

    que bons, i molt bona cançò!

    oktober 2008
  • Interkulturell

    Copelands drumming is excellent!

    maj 2008
  • Kilgal

    Top 10 The Police non-singles song.

    mars 2008
  • backi480


    februari 2008
  • CantDecideAName

    Great guitar solo, great energy!

    september 2007