Tollund Man (2:33)

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The Mountain Goats - Going to Bolivia 1:37 10 298
The Mountain Goats - Flashing Lights 2:30 10 097
The Extra Glenns - Terminal Grain 1:57 5 701
Sufjan Stevens - Djohariah 17:04 35 524
The Microphones - III. Universe 6:42 6 828
Mount Eerie - Pale Lights 10:00 11 931


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  • sketchbookkid

    Q: Who was the Tollund Man? A: "On the 8th May 1950 , two men were cutting peat in Tollund Fen in Bjaeldskor Dale in Denmark. As they worked they suddenly saw in the peat layer a face so fresh they could only assume that they had come across a recent murder. They notified the police who came immediately. They carefully removed the peat from the body till more of him became visible. The man lay on his right side as if he was asleep. He lay 50 metres out from firm ground and he had been covered by about 2 metres of peat, now removed. On his head he wore a pointed skin cap fastened securely under his chin by a leather thong. Round his waist there was a smooth leather belt. Otherwise he was completely naked. His hair was cropped so short that it was almost entirely hidden by the cap. He was clean shaven but there was short stubble on the chin and upper lip. The air of gentle peace about the man was shattered when a small lump of peat was removed from behind his head.

    18 jan 2010 Svara
  • sketchbookkid

    Underneath was a rope, made of two leather thongs twisted together. This was a noose. It was drawn tight around his neck and throat and then coiled over his shoulder and down across his back." ;

    18 jan 2010 Svara