• Happy Anniversary... to Me!

    30 aug 2007, 00:57 av heyadamo

    Wednesdays aren't usually much of a day to celebrate, I know. But if you were feeling like celebrating but didn't have much of a reason to, I'll give ya one.

    Today marks my 1st year anniversary of joining Last.fm!

    So, 365 days and almost 22,000 tracks scrobbled (and honestly, that's probably closer to 21,000 due to the Audioscrobbler doubling up my tracks played) and I have to say I wished I've have known about this site a while ago. Not only is it a great way to keep track of what I listen to, it has also allowed me to meet several great people from all over the map. (I guess at this point, I should givecredit to "jdhowa2", a MySpace pal that introduced me to this here site. Thanks Dawn, and to all my other pals as well.)

    I guess to celebrate, I'll break down my top 20 artists as of late Tuesday and write a few thoughts about them. Then, for my 2nd anniversary (maybe) we'll look again and see if anything changes. Alright? Alright.

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