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  • EscObAR_1_2_3

    The bassline sounds very familiar but I cant figure out what it reminds me of...anyone know???

    augusti 2013
  • Pusstulio

    Pete Doherty los debio haber oido en su infancia entera.

    mars 2013
  • LRPohlmann

    Bruce Foxton's bass line is great on this one. [2]

    juli 2012
  • HMSTerror

    Bruce Foxton's bass line is great on this one.

    juni 2012
  • TantoTempo

    They smelt of pubs and Wormwood Scrubs.

    april 2012
  • ihearttheussr

    Best Clash song that they never wrote.

    januari 2012
  • Krmgtsm7

    tune :-)

    september 2011
  • agentzigzag

    still brilliant ......

    september 2011
  • pabloidz

    what an amazing song

    september 2011
  • road_to_ruin

    In Case of Emergency. If something happens to you. You know, no mobilephones etc etc.

    augusti 2011
  • Halfthatswhole

    The greatest song ever written about getting the shit kicked out of you.

    mars 2011
  • TaxMonkey

    Why would you ever put your address in your wallet?

    mars 2011
  • UrbanFervor

    Fantastic song, but always makes me sad.

    februari 2011
  • N_W_Y

    @ TaxMonkey.....Quite obvious realllllly.............They stole his wallet which contained his address..........U don't need to be Stephen Hawkins to work it out. ;)

    juli 2010
  • N_W_Y

    From the sound of the tube train till the very end..........This song is awesome.

    juli 2010
  • pauljinks

    Brilliant. Captures the fear and stupidity of random violence without being anything but a kick ass song for single beat.

    juli 2010
  • Hellraiser917

    fuckin yessssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

    april 2010
  • VegeVampireDuck

    Best Jam song without a doubt. The intro, the build-up, the atmosphere and the haunting lyrics. Class act. [2]

    april 2010
  • WeFlyBalloons

    I've a little money and a take away curry..

    december 2009
  • PhamilyJules

    @TaxMonkey, psychic muggers!

    december 2009
  • TaxMonkey

    One flaw in the lyrics - how would the muggers know where he lived? Other than that, great song.

    november 2009
  • chris63red

    The Jam at awesome best wow - priveleged to see them live x 3

    april 2009
  • Joshoewaa

    i love the lyrics. i remember once we had to do an indepth analysis of the lyrics in school.. i was a happy student that day :P

    februari 2009
  • smichaelgbg

    Best Jam song without a doubt. The intro, the build-up, the atmosphere and the haunting lyrics. Class act.

    december 2008
  • Cocoonu


    december 2008
  • Wez84

    Good performance by Weller

    december 2008
  • KineticLaugh

    Can a bass get any more melodic?

    december 2008
  • mrjoe

    Jimeon covering this was class.

    oktober 2008
  • Kofineas

    great music perfect lyrics^^ one of my absolute favorites

    augusti 2008
  • Oakenthrone

    Damn straight

    maj 2008
  • petitshamalow


    december 2007
  • shark-a

    a damn great song, one of my top faves!!!

    december 2007
  • dmaxRadio

    Brilliant piece of songwriting, as visual as Watching The Detectives. Easily one of my favorite Jam tunes. There's a live version that was the B side of a single that I wish I could find. They lose their place in the middle and regain it admirably, crashing along with an extraordinary amount of energy. I'm on the way home to my wife She'll be shining up the cutlery I know that she's expect

    november 2007
  • MartinJSUK

    The first time The Jam showed that they could do more than pure mainstream semi-poppy punk. Great feel to the instrumentation, classy lyrics builds up nicely. Even typing the final line - As they took the keys, she'll think it's me - almost feels like giving away the ending of a film.

    november 2007
  • jimmy_nothing

    Go me, i'm top listner for this week.

    oktober 2007
  • privatehell

    Best song on All Mod Cons, the songs a lyrical masterpiece

    april 2007
  • tgodd

    this song is scary :(:(

    december 2006
  • Spun_Weller

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    juni 2006