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  • VoodooDahl

    The 80's are back.

    mars 2014
  • Loulounge

    <3 if you like the soundtrack of the little mermaid, you ll love this band <3

    november 2013
  • shuffle1899

    Saw them at Harvest of Art Festival and they did a great performance! - Mein Bericht inkl. Eclectic Moniker Konzert: http://www.crackpot.at/harvest-of-art-festival-2013-bericht/#.UeSbk01rGUk

    juli 2013
  • saltyknuckles

    Featured on SaltyKnuckles № 110 - www.saltyknuckles.net/2013-05/

    januari 2013
  • josecharts

    I just heard Easter Island this week, found the song in my computer don't ask me why it was just there and now i cannot stop playing it these days... I love easter Island aswell this song...

    september 2012
  • modernmelody

    These guys have a great sound! Can't wait for them to release more music. Hope they do soon.. I've been waiting too long.

    februari 2012
  • dharam66

    Easter Island, wow what a tune. Love the band name and meaning as well

    juli 2011