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The Bilinda Butchers


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The Bilinda Butchers är en dreampop-duo från San Francisco, vars namn är taget från Bilinda Butcher från My Bloody Valentine. Bestående av multiinstrumentalisterna Michal och Adam skriver de låtar som kontrasterar idealistisk nostalgi med romantisk osäkerhet och sorg.




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  • mydarksky

    Heaven Holds a Place ❤❤❤

    7 aug 07:45 Svara
  • willett25

    After sinking into Air's "Ce Matin La", "Teen Dream" puts this playlist on an enthusiastic pace. Check it out here!- http://swilletted.wordpress.com/2014/08/05/playlist-potluck-the-solemn-summer/

    5 aug 21:49 Svara
  • Stugard

    Heaven is definitely better than Goodbyes, but I'm not quite convinced I enjoy it more than RLGD. I like the atmosphere, and although there are parts I'm still not entirely sold on (the voice diaries are fairly hit and miss, I honestly never have liked The Lovers' Suicide, and Heaven Holds a Place was just STRANGE), but as a whole it's still great and will probably get better with time.

    27 jul 01:08 Svara
  • not_not_not


    23 jul 06:40 Svara
  • Dack47

    New album 10/10 for me <3

    22 jul 21:06 Svara
  • Herr_Amn

    Lovely. Yeah the album is definitely very Japan-influenced for sure (Michal really loves Japan and he traveled all around this country when he was visiting here) which largely works with the overall atmosphere.

    21 jul 01:15 Svara
  • Brkt16

    new album is perfect

    18 jul 15:00 Svara
  • tanyalovisa

    i dig it

    18 jul 11:01 Svara
  • Wepeel6

    so gud i cum blud

    18 jul 00:14 Svara
  • steveotron

    Not amazing, but it's pretty cool summer music.

    17 jul 12:22 Svara
  • Machiventa

    holy crap this is some lovely, ace, top-tier dream-pop!! lovely record!

    16 jul 20:20 Svara
  • Zioluza

    sounds different, but i liked it a lot

    16 jul 20:19 Svara
  • fonzarelli69

    I think its a pretty good release. there are a couple of songs that feel a little off, but overall i think the whole album has a solid tone and atmosphere. i'm pleased with it! [2]

    16 jul 15:20 Svara
  • killkillklll

    enjoying every song

    16 jul 05:51 Svara
  • Parasitical

    About the concept behind the album: "Heaven is the title of the diary written by Nakajima Ume, a young woman who lived in Japan from 1836 to 1864. It's entries catalog her catastrophic marriage to a cruel nobleman, and her later introduction to a young, idealistic poet whose expressions of sympathy inspire her to escape from her unfortunate circumstances."

    16 jul 03:34 Svara
  • Dotachin

    How you go from lovely, ace, top-tier dream-pop with songs like Tulips and Sigh to this tho

    16 jul 01:48 Svara
  • CloudStrifeFF73

    I was trying to wait to listen to this on my record player but I couldn't contain myself. I think this is a perfectly constructed album start to finish and I love it a lot. I can't stop listening to it.

    15 jul 23:01 Svara
  • kondicioner

    15 jul 22:33 Svara
  • nomadicherder

    I think its a pretty good release. there are a couple of songs that feel a little off, but overall i think the whole album has a solid tone and atmosphere. i'm pleased with it!

    15 jul 19:11 Svara
  • scaaaarface

    Heaven is pretty underwhelming and generic, I must say. I expected more from these guys [3] not a fan of the silly japanese diary voice over things either

    15 jul 13:47 Svara
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