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  • ElectricTreez

    Screw Fred, bringing John back was the best thing the band could do!

    augusti 2013
  • x3thcrimsonx3

    i miss fred...

    maj 2013
  • SummerRachelle

    I freaking miss listening to them.

    december 2012
  • shmoltaire

    So sad I missed them at Warped :[

    juli 2012
  • Ferdokki

    The video for this was awesome. *__________*

    juli 2012
  • necropolis_kid

    seen this in concert at the house of blues in houston! go TackingBackSunday!!

    maj 2012
  • mastille

    wow his voice sounded amazing live

    april 2012
  • CongoROCboy

    EMO :)

    januari 2012
  • Letterbomb31

    This is definitely one of their best songs. Fred's background harmonies are incredible!!

    december 2011
  • straw4uberry

    " I'm an addict for dramatics and I confuse the two for love"

    december 2011
  • If_I_Fall_DOWN

    "We're all choir boys at best"

    december 2011
  • emersonfabinho

    Like Like

    november 2011
  • CocoaSkim


    augusti 2010
  • andyochoa

    This shit is perfect

    juni 2010
  • Silver_Slug

    haaa. the hypocrite anthem

    mars 2010
  • lucyyyx3

    liarr liarrrrr liarrrrr liarrrrrrrrr IT TAKES ONE TO KNOWWWWWWW ONE

    februari 2010
  • BlackRainbowx3


    december 2009
  • CubsWS06

    uhhhh is right

    augusti 2009
  • pikkupiku

    V____V uhhhh

    augusti 2009
  • wamc

    Love the chord sequence in this song. :)

    maj 2009
  • defythesilence

    great clip to match this song too.

    december 2008
  • AbOD7

    omG ! , Nice Song O.o"

    oktober 2008
  • cal1br3tto

    it really does take one to know one.

    september 2008
  • sk8erbiatch

    i just hesrd it and i love LUV LOVE IT

    augusti 2008
  • sofiahed

    worlds fucking greatest!

    augusti 2008
  • samlidd

    What album is this song from?

    maj 2008
  • Haphazy

    I heard this first time on Mtv by accident and the video kinda hit me.. It has such a cool atmosphere and feel.

    mars 2008
  • Katie8192

    this has such a cool video

    januari 2008
  • LANjackal

    the video for this song is what makes it good

    juli 2007
  • VerukaSalt

    She meant the expression hands down

    juni 2007
  • muzikah

    its from dashboard i think..hands down.

    juni 2007
  • allisono340

    Hands down, best Taking Back Sunday song ever, imo.

    maj 2007
  • victron

    I agree too, best song out of this album

    april 2007
  • lexombie

    <3 IT

    februari 2007
  • caitlin_x3

    i'm an addict for dramatics, i confuse the two for love= <3 great song.

    februari 2007
  • Terrier13

    the video is really awesome!

    januari 2007
  • primula

    Nice video. Nice song. ;)

    januari 2007
  • breatheallyssa

    hah. this video makes me smile. plusss, it was the reason adam went back to the brown hair. : D

    december 2006
  • xzerosxnxonesx

    blatantly the best song off louder now.

    juli 2006