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  • BassExtractor

    The songs reminds me of Japanese video game composers.

    mars 2014
  • aino_island


    mars 2014
  • ASummerKiss

    ​♫♪*¨*•♥(◠‿◠)♥•*¨*•♫♪ ​ℒ◎❤ε ♫♪*¨*•♥(◠‿◠)♥•*¨*•♫♪​ ​♫♪*¨*•♥(◠‿◠)♥•*¨*•♫♪ ​ℒ◎❤ε ♫♪*¨*•♥(◠‿◠)♥•*¨*•♫♪​ ​♫♪*¨*•♥(◠‿◠)♥•*¨*•♫♪ ​ℒ◎❤ε ♫♪*¨*•♥(◠‿◠)♥•*¨*•♫♪​ ​♫♪*¨*•♥(◠‿◠)♥•*¨*•♫♪ ​ℒ◎❤ε ♫♪*¨*•♥(◠‿◠)♥•*¨*•♫♪​ ​♫♪*¨*•♥(◠‿◠)♥•*¨*•♫♪ ​ℒ◎❤ε ♫♪*¨*•♥(◠‿◠)♥•*¨*•♫♪​ ​♫♪*¨*•♥(◠‿◠)♥•*¨*•♫♪ ​ℒ◎❤ε ♫♪*¨*•♥(◠‿◠)♥•*¨*•♫♪​

    februari 2014
  • electr0nix


    december 2013
  • m1a100

    Listening to the "Lixiviation" album and there's any more album with more droney-ambient-synth stuff like that from her?

    oktober 2013
  • Padrino58

    Sra sussan, muchas gracias por su amor al amor, hasta mi juventud, en los setentas, escuche algo de su obra, algo mucho más allá de lo esperado, desde entonces estoy al acecho de cualquier material que salga de ud. segun su biografia, ya han pasado algunas primaveras, pero tambien los otoños traen bellas imagenes y evocaciones, por favor, regalenos algo salido de sus manos, de su corazón, de su espíritu. infinitamente gracias por todo lo que nos ha dado, y más por lo que aún nos puede dar. Tal vez se de la oportunidad de comunicarnos en el futuro, sería todo un honor para mí que alguien de su riquesa espiritual me escribiera algunas líneas. Que Dios la siga bendiciendo

    september 2013
  • jakobdorof

    wow. disarmingly nice.

    maj 2013
  • ProgClow

    her music really takes me to somewhere else.a place where the are no bad thoughts, only love,new age love.

    maj 2013
  • garynotrashcoug

    Also a fan of Seven Waves. I love the synthesized ocean waves and the composition of the tracks. Brilliant album!

    mars 2013
  • bopapocalypse

    i third that.

    november 2012
  • thaoriginalgoon

    i second that

    november 2012
  • bopapocalypse

    the velocity of love is a masterpiece.

    september 2012
  • freezegelman

    Stumbled about Seven Waves. Such great synth-work. Cleverly crafted.

    augusti 2012
  • garynotrashcoug

    I'm really digging the "Lixiviation" album. Such a warm and familiar 70s/80s feeling.

    augusti 2012
  • ProgClow

    new age love

    augusti 2012
  • tschock_tschock


    juni 2012
  • cisso_music

    "Turning" makes me cry, ever...beautiful song! <3

    april 2012
  • Sonicjr01

    Snow crystals <3

    oktober 2011
  • cautivametal

    If you like piano music by Suzanne Ciani, you'll like this: http://www.lastfm.com/music/Jose+Travieso

    april 2011
  • Yan-Leshenko

    скачать альбом Yan Leshchenko (SUNSHINE) http://depositfiles.com/files/u9jw6nxed инструментальная, романтическая музыка. стиль: New Age, Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo, Easy Listening, Instrumental, Lounge

    december 2010
  • Yan-Leshenko

    Приглашаю послушать мою музыку http://www.lastfm.ru/music/Yan+Leshchenko/SUNSHINE

    december 2010
  • sfpagan

    I loved Suzanne's music since tracks from Seven Waves album were played in an interview she did for Univ. of Stonybrook radio at a time the album was available in Japan but not U.S. for at least another year.

    december 2010
  • eeepapillon

    I really feel she's a bit amazing, and by 'a bit' I mean 'quite'.

    september 2010
  • jandhry

    I Encuentro Internacional de Pianistas del Mundo (First Meeting International Pianists of the World) en España y Europa!!!. Con 5 premiados artistas Whisperings: Suzanne Ciani, Lisa Downing, Rebecca Oswald, Julio Mazziotti y Mario Lopez Santos. Mas información en: http://www.lastfm.es/event/1628884+I+Encuentro+Internacional+de+Pianistas+del+Mundo

    augusti 2010
  • kaplain

    http://stephanehoreczko.bandcamp.com/ thanks for your interest in my music Stéphane

    juni 2010
  • ZiZi_Baluba

    Блестящая пианистка.

    maj 2010
  • Nospherith

    My mother listened to Ciani's album "Hotel Luna" when I was only a young boy. Ten years later, I was in my mother's house and saw the violet-colored album cover of a woman in a black dress smiling. I know i remembered it from somewhere in my distant past so I played the CD and with each song many memories came flooding back. It made me remember there were good times before my parent's divorce.

    april 2010
  • alperkul


    januari 2010
  • ozieml

    sweet Suzanne ...

    januari 2010
  • butterflyoflove

    Thank YOu Suzanne for your music.

    december 2009
  • DadoDZIHAN

    very nice indeed...

    november 2009
  • ksekthor

    Terra Mesa трогает

    juli 2009
  • Galentari

    she's so wonderful..

    juni 2009
  • Beginnersview

    I've been listening to and loving Suzanne Ciani's music for years, ever since finding a cassette tape of her music at a retreat/conference. Which eventually led me to buy almost all of her albums. Great music! I love it, love her creations. :)

    maj 2009
  • frenchyx

    Suzanne, from one of your biggest fans. We love your music! You are *fantastic* ;))))))

    maj 2009
  • ntakeda

    the velocity...

    april 2009
  • bethsierra

    Beautiful Music. Try this one if you like Suzanne: Leo Perez. Type it in the search box!!

    april 2009
  • DarkVibration


    april 2009
  • gianfrancociuff


    mars 2009
  • musicloverforev

    Love your music from the first purchase- of Neverland

    mars 2009
  • grumpa


    februari 2009
  • OwlJulie

    Real nice, sophisticated.

    januari 2009
  • dalvastolf


    november 2008
  • madeingermany88

    The best!

    september 2008
  • turkuazzz

    I like just hearing her sing...great!

    augusti 2008
  • adanterio


    juli 2008
  • damian8067


    oktober 2007
  • captainjjb


    oktober 2007
  • stary_dziadu

    great electronic music, love it, especially The Velocity of Love which is transcendental and kinda esoteric

    februari 2007