• All this grand new music...

    13 jun 2006, 22:39 av wappytea

    From age 12 - 16, Wappy could have cared less about most modern artists, preferring to escape in the melodies of The Beatles, the rhymes of Bob Dylan, and the psychedelic pop of The Monkees.

    Setting: June 2001, Germany.
    A young 17 year old wappy sits glued to the European music video channels, absolutely blown away by such artists as Muse, Badly Drawn Boy, The Hives, The Vines, and Gary. Having previously gotten heavy into Fool's Garden, Wappy was always interested in European music.

    This girl couldn't wait for the next time that the video for New Born by Muse came on. She rushed out and got the album, and loved every minute of it. This stuff was just *not* being played in America. It would be about 4 years later before Wappy would hear any Muse in the states.

    Her musical tastes forever changed, she would return to the states, continuing to promote her own favorite psychedelic indie artist, Grey, among the community,