• Lyrics game

    30 mar 2009, 12:47 av Czajnik_69

    I saw it once or twice and decided to put in my diary too. Basically you have to guess who wrote those lyrics and what's the name of the song. So... let's go!

    1. Light shined on my path,
    Turn bad days into good
    Turn breakdowns into blocks, I smashed 'em cause I could
    My brain was labored, my head would spin
    Addicted to Chaos

    2. Watching disciples
    Of the satanic rule
    Pentagram of blood
    Holds the jackals truth
    The Antichrist

    3. A loaded gun, a happy smile,
    Hell scope the freeway for awhile
    King of the world, four hundred rounds,
    It took five hours to bring him down

    4. Its my life and provision
    Black or white
    Some pay to pray
    You question why they
    Act this way
    Its their fucking decision

    5. I'll steal your life and cut, out your heart.
    Rip the core of your, world apart.
    Then I'll, Take your sight.
    Leave ya blind.
    Deny the Cross

    6. It's so cold in this lonely room
    Sitting around thinking of you
    And I'm alone just talking to myself
    Trying to find the answer but to no avail