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  • PaxThroughX

    dang it I only have 2 skips!!!!! well I better listen to this ha not. The actually band is better than this. Thxs last.fm, now no one will rlly know how this band sounds

    december 2012
  • drmix3

    Im sure this gets the circle pit fired up

    maj 2012
  • GrindingDeath__

    I'm assuming last.fm goofed on this.

    februari 2012
  • minimolko

    lol :)

    oktober 2011
  • rev_blackshadow

    That's my jam!!

    september 2011
  • DoritFTW

    omg, wtf? :'D

    mars 2011
  • S3argentmajor

    haha this is some hardcore stuff

    november 2010
  • xPeterdactylx


    april 2010