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  • ElwoodHelmut

    The best Telecasterplayer I ever heard.

    mars 2014
  • Barcida


    december 2013
  • radio_face


    december 2013
  • fearimpaired

    Every note backed up by meant or unmeant human emotions! That's what makes a technically outstanding maestro such a great musician as Mr. Buchanan is! No matter what my musical journeys will be, I'll always remain grateful to him just for being a favorite guitar player of mine. :)

    maj 2013
  • Metamorphic_


    februari 2013
  • RubberSoulBro

    master of guitar

    februari 2013
  • sl8221958

    I agree with bazikhor-- The Worlds Greatest Unknown Guitar Player .

    augusti 2012
  • Plook

    A so great musician

    juli 2012
  • cuenka


    maj 2012
  • bazikhor

    The Worlds Greatest Unknown Guitar Player

    april 2012
  • buttheadak

    his "Down by the River" cover is incredible, possibly better than Neil's version!!

    mars 2012
  • RafaelDivoz

    great guitar player! i just discovered him.

    mars 2012
  • hannesutinchen

    endlich habe ich zu dir gefunden

    mars 2012
  • bwdjai

    um, where have I been....

    oktober 2011
  • docck_64

    He's so awesome. Just dropped a little to 1 million plays :)

    september 2011
  • Zombie3785

    <1million plays? I find that really hard to believe. Is this a misspelling of his name or something? No. There must be an error somewhere...○

    augusti 2011
  • slimdrow

    great guitar player! i just discovered him.

    augusti 2011
  • RasViKing

    Jerry Garcia called Roy 'The Worlds Greatest Unknown Guitar Player' in the opening to the PBS documentary "Introducing Roy Buchanan" and it's no exaggeration! This documentary is freely available out there on the interweb [DON'T pay for it!] and I highly recommend it. Even better look for the Austin City Limits premier season session with Roy. Whatever you do find the Rockpalast performance as it just kills! These two are often on the same DVD. Again, don't pay for them as they circulate widely. It's hard to pick a favorite so a few of mine are: Roy's Bluez, Story of Issac, Country Preacher, Dual Soliloquy, Wayfairing Pilgrim and of course The Messiah (Will Come Again). If you can't locate any of the videos mentioned above or want some live Roy let me know, I've got lots. :-)

    juli 2011
  • raysbluewoody


    juli 2011
  • xdreamx19

    love his instrumental blues jams

    juli 2011
  • DaddyPobbin


    mars 2011
  • DariaDeMartini

    Amazing music! He is a really legend.

    februari 2011
  • SlipperShuffle


    januari 2011
  • Svole23

    thank you roy

    januari 2011
  • DakoSuede

    Uno de los más grandes.

    december 2010
  • swingfun

    The Messiah Will Come Again is the cause of my love for Roy Buchanan, it´s over 20 years that I´m enjoing that tune!

    november 2010
  • KingsAndQueen

    I can't believe he's underrated enough to have full tracks here. That's new.

    november 2010
  • hjlradio

    Lo maximo

    augusti 2010
  • ShaniaEve

    Cool...very good!

    juli 2010
  • ravschmidt-sas

    one of the best guitar player, i believe)

    maj 2010
  • nolteCOD


    maj 2010
  • Bentwick09

    You're Not Alone....., totally brilliant......

    maj 2010
  • AllAboutMusic2

    love the guitar ;)

    april 2010
  • CidaDuarteF

    Muito bom guitarrista!!!

    april 2010
  • evlstooge

    Roy Buchanan just came up on my last.fm radio. How have I never heard of him before?! His playing sounds so effortless...like it's just coming from his soul

    april 2010
  • Murriacumulada

    Five string blues: wonderful

    mars 2010
  • valttar

    you are one of my blues hero very extra felling we miss you

    mars 2010
  • FritzDeMers

    I still miss Roy.

    december 2009
  • Sapegas

    Guitar Genius, the "father" of telecaster

    november 2009
  • woodear

    fuck yeah !!!!

    november 2009
  • ravschmidt-sas

    ...real Legend!

    november 2009
  • ctovey

    the one with the space helmet is you're not alone, and it's fantastic

    oktober 2009
  • pepganzo

    Live Stock

    oktober 2009
  • greatwolf3

    this is different sort of half way between prog rock and blues

    oktober 2009
  • Jarrett_Neil

    One of my all-time favorites I was able to see Roy live in a small College club in Tucson Arizona back in the late 70's and was 3 feet away from where he was playing for somewhere around a few hundred people at most. It was a once in a lifetime experience. His all time best album has the Space helmet on it (is the easiest way for me to remember) IMHO

    juli 2009
  • backndadaze

    now this is perfect, slow dancing, makin out music.

    juli 2009
  • j_mack7979

    saw him live in Darwin Australia just before his demise, will never forget that show!

    juli 2009
  • yaniv297

    amazing player

    juni 2009
  • shawnevans

    Love his versions of Hey Joe and Down By The River .

    juni 2009
  • athaiya

    he`s amazing!

    maj 2009