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  • anonymous39

    Why can't we listen to the rest of the songs here?

    oktober 2011
  • Jharod

    this sucks hard!

    april 2011
  • rafaelsimmons

    Hey Guys, check Forgotten Live in Death Paradise: http://www.last.fm/music/Forgotten+Live+in+Death+Paradise

    juni 2009
  • Rontambo

    If this were a ride in a vehicle,it has no TRUE direction / feel to it. Give it some N - S - E or west . I do relate to the need for expression. Just give it some substance to guide the heart,soul or the gut. Ok ? like it's air...add some earth,some water or some fire.

    juni 2009
  • crimsoncrusade

    great stuff

    februari 2009
  • Maxerateur

    Very nice guitar and sound!

    januari 2009
  • trusk4wk4

    Beautiful :)

    december 2008
  • mydnose

    beautiful guitarr amazing

    november 2008
  • rafaelsimmons

    Cool,. but frozen Silence is your best project, matti.

    november 2008
  • henbenny

    oh, oh, that beautiful guitar cries for accopaniment - get out of the kitchen, you need a real bassplayer and drummer for taking off :))

    september 2008
  • basse___

    Cool, Sounds good! Greetings from Sweden

    juni 2008
  • triggerpoint

    bisschen seicht, aber nett

    februari 2008
  • torge_d

    Wow, I've just rediscovered some of the free tracks on my hard disk. Browsing it regularly pays off. :)

    november 2007
  • glassbottle


    juli 2007
  • WolfXI

    Nice to listen too. :)

    maj 2007
  • cerodios

    I really love this music! Mmmmmmm.. Reminds me of just something i want to play myself. Great inspiration and great to listen to at all times. yay

    mars 2007
  • squishy-fish

    Mmmmm, nice! Aaah...

    juli 2006
  • Michikawa

    Kiitos :)

    juni 2006
  • mikkomikko

    hirmu hyvaa!!

    juni 2006
  • Michikawa

    Have had some fun time with McLaughlin DVD set This is the way I Do it :) Let's see if the influences will loan something to the project also

    februari 2006