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  • Sosen

    This song is every leprechaun's worst nightmare.

    mars 2012

    GREAT TRACK! Thanks to Angelina56’s Library Radio. Warm regards - Paul.

    februari 2012
  • reagan0

    Truly a song for the ages. As relevant now as it was when it was released.

    april 2010
  • Angelina56

    Very weary... need a rest from computer...sore eyes... Hallo Annie........sorry Jane....Wonderfully performed... A real money maker.........

    augusti 2009
  • Angelina56

    Harsh words... I do not like gold diggers!!!!!! Love Renaissance as a band though... very gifted lead singer.......

    augusti 2009
  • kemming

    beautiful voice

    juli 2009
  • Endrigo1

    Je öfter ich das Lied höre, desto besser gefällt es mir.

    juli 2009
  • Endrigo1


    maj 2009
  • Morgan51

    This is a terrific song better on the Novella album. Still shines!!!

    april 2009
  • vmiller09

    I so wish that lastfm.com had the orginal cut of this available...used to have the "record"...OMG...the other cuts were just amazing...if someone out there has the orginal album and the way to reproduce it onto the internet so that others could hear the talent this group had...it would be amazing...

    februari 2009
  • andiszek


    februari 2009
  • petowa

    I like this very musch

    februari 2009
  • hermonio


    januari 2009
  • olracUK

    and Radiohead, Sigur Ros, mew think they are good? Listen and learn young guns

    januari 2009
  • tiuntaier

    заччот. запишем в коллекцию

    december 2008
  • promete91

    Ne güzel bir yorum ve ses...

    december 2008
  • bongiodos

    MAGNIFICA!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO.

    december 2008
  • Rock_Opa

    sooo lange nicht mehr gehört - das muß in einem früheren Jahrhundert gewesen sein :-)

    november 2008
  • MathiasPage


    december 2007