• Best of 2009. Songs

    12 dec 2009, 19:37 av K_i_m_i

    My 20 favourite songs which were released in 2009:

    20. Reba McEntire - "Strange"

    She released one more album. She's 54 now, and she's one of the greatest in country music.
    But her voice is aged, we can do nothing with it. The best by her has already been done. And "Strange", the lead single from the latest album, can be graded by me only for position # 20 this year.

    19. Gregorian - "Meadows Of Heaven"

    This song isn't among the best by Nightwish, but it was covered by Gregorian quiet well. Choosing of tracks from all around the album I chose this one 'cause it touched me more than others. That's all. But only for position # 19.

    18. Muse - "Resistance"

    Muse are back with new album, new songs. But something changed. Their songs haven't become just a bit cheesy, but they also lost that easy-listening air (for alternative songs). …
  • The 9513 Chart Update 5-10-09

    15 maj 2009, 14:03 av Carpetbagger513

    Considering that The 9513 Group jumped up to 65 members this week, I was interested to see how that would affect the charts. Would we start to turn into every other group on and have Radiohead among the top artists? Thankfully, no. Instead, the infusion of new blood created one of the best Top 10 charts we’ve ever had.

    Sure, we’ve got our share of chart-toppers, with George Strait (22 listeners), Alan Jackson (19), Sugarland (18) and Martina McBride (17) all being well-represented. But right at the top, with 23 listeners, is Dwight Yoakam, who hasn’t had a Top 10 single on the Billboard charts since 1993 (sad, I know). I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Dwight, as “Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc.” was the first cassette tape I ever bought with my own money, and he and Randy Travis introduced me to country music.

    Speaking of, Travis is also in our Top 10 with 15 listeners, and he’s had exactly one Billboard Top 10 song in the 21st century. …