11 feb 2011, 07:10 av plumindustries


    Mattress Grave is the musical and sound permutation of Shane Jesse Christmass, the Perth-born, Melbourne-based writer.

    In 2006 Christmass was runner-up in The Age Short Story Competition with his entry Remaking the Image of the World, and in 2008 he published an anthology of his short stories, Croak & Grist (Paroxysm Press). He has published a number of stories including Cold to the Point Past Death, (Red Cent Publishing, 2010), The Charnel Stink Within, (Mini Shots, Vignette Press, 2008), The Arvo & Early Evening of the Axe, (10 Years that Didn’t Kill Us, 2008, Paroxysm Press).

    Other fiction work has featured in the journals New Wave Vomit, LIES/ISLE, amphibi.us, Cordite, one-eight vulture, dotdotdash and The Diamond & the Thief, as well as sound poetry in the Atlanta journal, As Long As It Takes. He also edits the journal Queen Vic Knives. …