• big stupid list.

    6 feb 2009, 21:25 av mclarge

    So, it’s been snowing, meaning I can’t drive anywhere, meaning im stuck bored here, so, being bored, lets make a list of stuff nobody cares about.
    This is basically the same list i had before, just with 20 artists per week, instead of ten.
    Here we go, i will update this weekly.
    138 weeks so far.
    Last updated w/e 29th May 2011

    City and Colour















    Avenged Sevenfold












    The Fall of Troy


    Coheed and Cambria
    Dinosaur Jr.












    Rage Against the Machine




    The Format

    Johnny Cash

    Ben Folds

    Foo Fighters
    Fall Out Boy
    Kanye West
    Death From Above 1979

  • Tribute to the Fallen Heros of Metal - Playlist December 11, 2007

    13 dec 2007, 15:35 av blackearth

    December 8th and 13th are dates that will forever be remembered by those of us in the metal community. They mark the passing of two legends, Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott and Chuck Schuldiner. Since the dates are so close together, it seemed fitting to pay tribute to both men at the same time, but then I got to thinking that there are many more metal musicians who have passed on and are worthy of being remembered. With the help of Kent and Mark, I compiled a list of metal heros who have passed on, and featured their music in this week's show.

    R.I.P. Brothers of Metal

    Shuddersome - Nightmare made Reality
    Grip Inc - Guilty of Innocence
    The Haunted - Hate Song
    Metal Church - Ton of Bricks (David Wayne 2005)
    Threshold - Slipstream
    Symphony X - The Serpent's Kiss
    Prong - Whose Fist is this Anyway (Paul Raven 2007)
    Triton Enigma - Hysteria
    Alice in Chains - Them Bones (Layne Staley 2002)
    Savatage - Edge of Thorns (Criss Oliva 1993)
  • My favorite guitarists

    10 apr 2007, 05:47 av bubba-rocks

    Not "the top 10 greatest guitarists ever to touch the strings"...but my favorite guitarists, the ones I like to listen to. Don't argue about it, just read it and nod your head in agreement.

    Joe Perry of Aerosmith - he's the reason I started playing in the first place. Pump is the last Aerosmith album that I really like, but they put on a great show.

    Slash of Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver - the second reason I started playing guitar. "Sweet Child O' Mine" is still one of the greatest guitar riffs I've ever heard.

    Eddie Van Halen of Van Halen - I hate the way he treated David Lee Roth, but the man is a genius on the fretboard. Even the stuff with Sammy Hagar is listenable because of Ed's fretology.

    Randy Rhodes of Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot - words cannot describe his ability.

    Zakk Wylde of Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society, and Pride & Glory - initially, I hated the squeals. They were so cliche, and I guess they still are, but I've learned to love Zakk's riffing. …
  • O'Music (Now with Video!)

    30 jan 2007, 23:45 av jcshepard

    Oh, Susanna,
    Oh don't you cry for me
    For I come from Alabama
    With my banjo on my knee.

    If One is the loneliest number, the letter 'O' is a lonesome whistle blowin'.

    My O'Music is a variety pack on the CD rack. It's a long way from Open Road's high lonesome Colorado bluegrass to Ozzy Osbourne's high energy metal mayhem. Listen a little closer and you'll hear lighting fast stringed instruments paving the same highways, be it Caleb Roberts' mandolin and Randy Rhodes' electric Flying V.

    Old Crow Medicine Show can cut a rug with their old-time busker style. I picked up on them via KRFC's stringband show, then jumped on board the wagon with their backup work on Adrienne Young's original first CD release. I have neglected their most recent release. money, money. I would drive many miles to see the OCMS live show.

    The first time I heard David Olney, I figured this guy must be famous. He is another best-kept secret of the Austin not-quite-folk scene…
  • Better late than never.....

    24 okt 2006, 12:22 av Vidfare

    No rest for the wicked.

    I just can't understand how it comes that i haven't discovered Black Label Society until today?!?!

    Off course i had heard of both them and Zakk Wylde (i had somehow written him off as a wilder copy of Randy Rhodes) before, but i had not really listen to them/him until this morning when i was driving to work, listening to the radio. (Thanx Rockklassiker)

    This is truly wonderful music in my ears. Heavy riffbased guitars with vocals with an edge. Can't wait until i get my hands on more stuff from them to listen to. Lucky for me, they have made quite a few records to discover.:-)
  • The 20 Greatest Songs of the 20th Century

    11 aug 2006, 05:12 av OthelloMT

    I've listened to alot of different kinds of music over time. There are good songs in every genre and there is crap in there too. So here is my (arbitrary) list of my favorite songs. These are not judged by popularity, nor by who wrote them, nor any of those other things. None of it should matter. A good song is a good song.

    So here goes, my list:

    20 - Wicked Game
    This is a slow crooner song by Isaak, who will probably be known better for that aweful showhe put his name to in the late '90s. But this is an awesome song. Soft, tropical and moody.

    19 - Master of Puppets
    famous to the point of infamy. Probably one of the best metal songs ever.

    18 - Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In
    Yes, that's right, Kenny Rogers. Great song. It was a parody on psychadelia, but it ended up being awesome as a psychadelic song too. Kickass.

    17 - Fascination Street
    I couldn't have one of these lists without adding in a little something by The Cure. [album]Disintegration[/album], is, after all, "the greatest album ever". …
  • The Pearl in the Deep - Good Music I have Finally Found

    30 maj 2006, 22:31 av OthelloMT

    Growing up, I was a slave to the mainstream. In high school, mainstream Gangsta Rap was my thing, along with angst-filled Alternative. What can I say? I liked it then, I identfied with the shallowness of it. But since then I have started to look at my own life, had to reflect on it, and try to muster some direction from it. There is certain music out there that has helped me do that. Some songs just make you think - maybe not so much about the direct subject matter of it, but about how it applies to your life. Any idiot can put together a sappy love song or a vengeful breakup song. And alot of them are.

    I have learned to appreciate a good lyric like one of the great Bob Dylan. His timeless songs transcend his own life and career. Songs like All Along the Watchtower made famous by Jimi Hendrix, and lesser known ones like One More Cup of Coffee are all worth a listen. Many themes can be found in his body of work, from the racist injustice manifested in Hurricane for example. …
  • My top 15 guitar player of all time!

    6 feb 2006, 20:34 av Illztherocker

    1. Joe Satriani- The Master teacher they call him, some say the pupil is better than the teacher but Satch has more playing experience than Vai. Even though Vai is more diverse technically than Satch. However Satch is style is pure maginifecent and amazing. His style is really exicting and really emotitive. A true god! Best track - Flying in a Blue Dream.

    2. Steve Vai- Vai has everything unqiuness, emotion, speed, musical knowlegde. He is a phrasing master, and has even re-written some guitar scales and created new ones. Taught by Satch and surpassed him in some areas but he is still the pupil. Vai's sound and style has evolved with his ever growing collection of albums check out real illusions. Thing is with vai his style really fits the track or genre he plays too like a glove Vai can also sing well. Best track- For the Love of God

    3. John Petrucci- Petrucci is a total god, not only because he is lead guitarist for Dream theater but he is a supreme legend. …