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  • drop_packet

    pure energy and emotions, it Amazing!!

    14 dagar sedan
  • IchimaruAlex

    Damn really emotional lyrics. Beautiful music as well what a track!

    juli 2013
  • ProgPro96

    The most heartbreaking song I've ever heard. [3]

    december 2012
  • Lebuin

    Track 4, length: 8:15... THE NUMBERS! This song is cursed. (Although the back of my cd says it's 8:17, so perhaps it's not really cursed after all.)

    april 2012
  • ara-franke

    The most heartbreaking song I've ever heard. [2]

    september 2011
  • TheMusicalVito

    The more I listen to this, the more I'm convinced that the narrator is directly responsible for the miscarriage, as the verse starts in allusion to them having some sort of sexual relations for the first time in a while (due to the pregnancy, more than likely). Also the fact that there is blood taste in his mouth when he notices the trace of blood...

    augusti 2011
  • Steban14

    The beginning sounds like pure Rush.

    augusti 2011
  • SchWarG

    reminds me a lot of dream theater

    augusti 2011
  • HowDisgusting

    The most heartbreaking song I've ever heard.

    augusti 2011
  • TheMusicalVito

    I feel like Dan broke like eight rules of songwriting just to make something this heartbreaking. Amazing.

    augusti 2011
  • B_Hammock

    The Perfect Element is my favourite album but this is probably their best song

    februari 2011
  • metallic_soul

    it gives me a panic attack!

    januari 2011

    now this...this is... AWESOME

    november 2010
  • Hollow-Symphony

    I NEVER SAW YOUR FACE AND NOW YOU'RE GONE WITHOUT A TRACE. That fucking amazing tag is well-deserved.

    oktober 2010
  • OscarHaze

    My personal favourite of all Pain of Salvation.

    augusti 2010
  • DawnBearer

    I shall be having lung-problems if my breath continued to be taken away from hearing such songs by PoS.

    juli 2010
  • voodooturkey

    Those lyrics.... :( Such an amazing song

    juli 2010
  • instinct_decay

    Such a breathtaking song, one of my PoS favorites.

    juni 2010
  • Raredrum

    Oh my god... Emotion... Runs... High...

    juni 2010
  • GoHangYourself

    i cried my eyes out over this song :-( [3]

    maj 2010
  • DawnBearer


    maj 2010
  • mustainefangirl

    i cried my eyes out over this song :-( [2] I was crying so bad when I listened to this.

    maj 2010
  • TurtleSpartan

    sounds more angry than sad to me

    april 2010
  • AboutToCrash

    this is one of the most beautiful and saddest songs ever written. I could cry every time I *really* listen to it.

    januari 2010
  • Malleus75

    i cried my eyes out over this song :-(

    november 2009
  • DreamingAlaska

    so sad...

    november 2009
  • Forthehead


    oktober 2009
  • Imek

    "I was prepared to be a father, how can I ever prepare for that again" = D':

    september 2009
  • szafi19


    september 2009
  • fry1077

    this song is fucking sad

    september 2009
  • MartinW


    maj 2009
  • nicolasbj


    mars 2009
  • nicolasbj


    mars 2009
  • nicolasbj


    mars 2009
  • nicolasbj


    mars 2009
  • EmaThrasher

    Amazing and wonderful. Lyrics are terrible sad and beautiful.

    mars 2009
  • myrkurr

    one of the most tragic songs i know....:(

    september 2008
  • aVoiDer

    Pretty touching. Felt so sorry for Daniel and his wife when I first heard the song.

    augusti 2008
  • QueenElizabeth0

    you were to be the first, how wonderful, now I will always fear to hope again.... :((((

    juli 2008
  • jgeany

    One of their best songs

    juli 2008
  • codenamev810

    this song is about miscarriage.

    juli 2008
  • TurtleSpartan

    this song has to be about miscarriage

    mars 2008
  • -MatX-

    I love it. So beautiful

    februari 2008
  • kidofthecentury

    Saddest song ever :(

    november 2007
  • Dark_dude


    oktober 2007
  • __UnknowN__

    Great song!

    oktober 2006