• Recursive Mix

    10 maj 2009, 17:32 av weejay

    This one is an experiment. I've taken 6 songs which go strange in the middle before kicking back in, and embedded them within each-other. I think it sort-of works. But judge for yourself.

    1. My Bloody Valentine - You Made Me Realise
    2. Mogwai- Stereodee
    3. Arab Strap - Trippy
    4. Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive
    5. John Martyn - I'd Rather Be the Devil
    6. Soft Machine - Out-Bloody-Rageous
    7. John Martyn - I'd Rather Be the Devil (continued)
    8. Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive (continued)
    9. Arab Strap - Trippy (continued)
    10. Mogwai- Stereodee (continued)
    11. My Bloody Valentine - You Made Me Realise (continued)

    Listen to this, and previous mixes, here:
  • Tuesday Ten: The London Astoria

    22 okt 2008, 07:09 av amodelofcontrol

    A friend's posting of this link over the weekend provided me inspiration for the subject of this week's Tuesday Ten.

    As the compulsory purchase order process enters it's final stages (the venue and pretty much most of the block around it is going to facilitate the upgrade of Tottenham Court Road station with the coming of Crossrail), it's time perhaps to look back at a venue I spent an awful lot of time in back in the late 90s while at University in London (and a handful of times since). The Astoria, while grubby, a bit grotty and pretty expensive, has always been one of my favourite gig venues by miles. While another old cinema venue, it was always just the right size, offered great views of the stage from just about anywhere in there and generally had a fantastic sound, too. So in something of a retrospective, here are ten bands/gigs that I remember seeing at the Astoria or the smaller LA2 downstairs. Feel free to add other gigs worth mentioning that you've seen at the Astoria over the years...
  • Tuesday Ten: Live Venues

    13 feb 2008, 19:44 av amodelofcontrol

    A different TT this week, in that it is not exactly about the bands themselves (although they do come into this). Instead, it is my favourite live venues to go and see bands at. I've been going to see live bands for over thirteen years now, and I've lost count of how many I've actually seen, or at how many venues (the last time I even tried to count was back at the end of 1999, and by that point I'd already seen over 650 live bands. We are probably looking at two or three times that figure now). In that time I have been to many fantastic gigs, and many bad ones, too. There isn't any set criteria for the best venues - there are memories attached to some, the best gigs I have ever seen at others, and others because they are simply great venues to see live music at.

    Other good venues I may not have covered (and yes, I know I haven't covered Corp here!) - and the stories that go with them - would be great to hear. So here we go...

    Brixton Academy, London