28 jan 2010, 00:19 av yxsarvik

    As I love doing these lists (like many people on Last.fm journals, it seems), here’s another one. One that required quite a decent amount of thought and research and reminiscing...

    An avid music listener can of course pull together a TOP 100 when it comes to favourite records of the decade; I had to leave a lot out as well and just make some difficult choices. But here they are finally – a shiny carpet of cover art that has been divided into four sections. The albums in each section come in no particular order...

    1 - 25


    I’m looking at this first batch and all I gather from it is that I have a fondness for dark androgynous frontmen with a cigarette, lol... and Nelly Furtado. Oh well... I could have replaced her with Lifehouse, no big difference in quality. There are a few things in here that surprise me (like Muse), but overall it’s a pretty fair picture of music that’s been the closest to my heart for the past 10 years
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    10 jan 2006, 08:49 av lilbluefrog

    So my top track for the week of 1/1-1/8 was Wait, which to be perfectly honest, surprised the fuck out of me. Isn't it funny how last.fm uses precise statistics to show just what your listening to, but you know that often the math means nothing. For instance, your itunes runs on shuffle for 10 hours straight, a song happens to succede another song you love to hear over and over again, a song that is shorter then most and registers as a played song before you can change it. Anyway, this is the case here. This song is not particularly good (although the maracas are divine!). This song does what alot of this album basically is, subpar renditions that stick as close to the original versions as possible. This is just want I want to hear, Ben Lee's vocals butcher John Lennon's imagine (stick to the acting sweetie). Finally! It's a pleasant album, nice to hear in a vapid sort of way. Pitchfork persecuted The Fiery Furnaces for their interpretation for Norwegian Wood…