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  • masodikgalamb

    all the people you love in a river of blood

    maj 2014
  • BronyfiedP

    Reminds me of Linkin Park a bit, also LP used backmasking in Announcement Service Public c:

    december 2013
  • redfieldpunch

    eat your vegetables

    september 2013
  • jessickaz

    Devour the young, and the weaker ones.

    april 2013
  • xxangelchanxx


    mars 2013
  • SalivaAdNauseam

    Remind's me of SOAD's old stuff.

    juli 2012
  • vana__imago

    fucking masterpiece

    januari 2012
  • masodikgalamb

    I love this song's fun, upbeat positive lyrics

    november 2011
  • goldspot7

    kill yourself!

    januari 2011
  • FarmerAnita

    hahahahaha DICK!

    augusti 2009
  • maryann2version

    There's cats briefly meowing in the background! =D

    augusti 2009
  • juju_revenge

    out of all the songs MSI has produced, this one has got to have the most original idea behind it. Fantastic song.

    juli 2009
  • msmonicalinette

    "remember to kill yourself if you don't get what you want!!!!!"

    april 2009
  • cheesycheese01

    Muthafucka, go keeeeeel yoself! Haha, this song has a completely genius concept.

    mars 2009
  • bloodborn

    When I Say We You Say Suck...

    november 2008
  • Melamies

    We - Suck - Dick!

    september 2007
  • taszka-nn

    Don't sit too close to the TV!

    juni 2007
  • rar17

    This song is the best !

    maj 2007
  • Pereirinha

    DON'T LISTEN TO THIS SONG... genious

    december 2006
  • Jongusmoe

    clean your room!

    oktober 2006