Master of Puppets

Universal Music B.V.
28 maj 2004
8 låtar


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    Låt     Längd Lyssnare
1 Battery 5:12 544 565
2 Master of Puppets 8:34 745 783
3 The Thing That Should Not Be 6:34 404 072
4 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Sanitarium) 6:27 1 076
5 Disposable Heroes 8:16 335 339
6 Leper Messiah 5:40 312 064
7 Orion 8:26 204 611
8 Damage Inc. 5:32 60 319

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  • Weaponfire

    I'm just going to say it. True fans of Metallica think this is a perfect album. This is Metallica at their most varied. You have the highly technical thrash sound of the title track, the hard, edgy, aggressive sound of "The Thing," break-neck speed thrash songs in "Disposable Heroes," and "Damage Inc.," the complex instrumental "Orion," and not to mention the opening track is pretty much beloved by Metallica fans far and wide. As for me, I like the album because all of the tracks have fantastic riffs, and are fun to sing or air guitar to. Any of Metallica’s first four albums are incredibly varied, but this one takes the cake for the most varied. It’s insane that some of these songs are by the same band.

    17 jul 20:22 Svara
  • sp13as

    охуенный альбом!

    3 jul 12:15 Svara
  • saimonix666

    Life can be a real pain in the ass but it's worth living just to hear that record.

    12 jun 21:25 Svara
  • xDx3xPx

    Like (Y)

    17 maj 02:36 Svara
  • xDx3xPx


    17 maj 02:35 Svara
  • KillerFox2

    Excellent album

    27 mar 03:26 Svara
  • ceratitekken

    Leperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yeah

    22 feb 13:02 Svara
  • MegaDave89

    1. AJFA 2. RTL 3. KEA 4. Black Album 5. MOP

    20 feb 19:16 Svara
  • MegaDave89

    This album have one of Metallicas best song BATTERY!

    20 feb 18:57 Svara
  • pedrolhp1969

    @extremesuicide you' are insanely retard.. one of their best albums.. or you think that LOAD and RELOAD are good?

    15 feb 13:12 Svara
  • ExtremeSuicide

    this is insanely overrated !!!

    12 feb 21:42 Svara
  • mikolajlip

    I like this album

    15 jan 19:34 Svara
  • hadomaru

    It really is their best release

    15 jan 18:57 Svara

    My least favorite of the first 4 albums, but I still love it. Just songs like Leper Messiah, The Thing That Should Not Be, and Orion aren't my favorite.

    13 jan 20:46 Svara
  • bartende_r

    this is still the best trash metal release ever

    30 dec 2013 Svara
  • Damaged262

    Wow, that's some unfortunate bickering over nothing. Why anyone thinks they have the right to look down their noses at someone for any type of music is beyond me. I like what I like and make no apologies for it. I hate modern and plenty of later day pop, but I'm not gonna swing a fork into anybody's eye for buying a Katy Perry album. Tempting and all, but I still won't do it. veyita_88, if you hate Metallica, what the hell are you doing coming onto a Metallica Shoutbox and trolling for, attention? Grow up and hang with your friends and leave others alone. With the exception of pop and country, I'll devour all the music I can, but I won't crap on anyones dinner table or jump up and down so everyone is looking at me because I don't like it. That's just sad dude. Love your avatar though. That's killer, but I feel bad about your lack of maturity and what that portents about your future.

    26 nov 2013 Svara
  • AS_Luemmel

    *grabs popcorn*

    12 nov 2013 Svara
  • dAdriano


    29 okt 2013 Svara
  • hammerstrikebg

    1000 plays :)

    11 okt 2013 Svara
  • LacrimaMundi

    guys, chill... remember - the more you bitch, the less you can headbang!

    10 okt 2013 Svara
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