Travelling in the uncharted terrains of music, Liquid Stranger’s creative output ranges from suggestive ambient soundscapes to movie scores, pop, dub, infernalia, drill n bass, and electronica. Always pushing the sonic boundaries and merging genres to create a soulful blend of new, unique atmospheres, and grooves.

In 2007, the Stranger’s highly acclaimed album ”The Invisible Conquest” was released on interchill records. A mesmerizing down-tempo journey, brimful with slow cooked over smokin’ dub beats, lightly dipped in a subtle Shpongle sauce, and sprinkled with grains of cheeky tribal playfulness.

Live, the Liquid Stranger enters the stage with a stash bag full of trippy dubstep, and wobbly adventures for everyone with ears. An evergrowing performance from a man with a passion for the unexpected.

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