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Det finns många band och artister som går under namnet Leviathan.

1) Ett Black Metal band som formades 1998 i USA (Kalifornien), bestående av den enda medlemmen Wrest (Jeff Whitehead).

2) Ett svenskt Black Metal band, format år 2001 av A. (Armagedda).




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    I cried :(

    11 jul 02:03 Svara
  • m0ph0

    Profound Lore did not deliver and haven't explained why. pissed

    5 jul 14:38 Svara
  • michelleliu91

    i like leviathan,not black metal one,but hardcore.

    20 jun 13:53 Svara
  • Evil_Deicider

    Cold Caress \\m/

    14 jun 07:50 Svara
  • m0ph0

    And Profound Lore should have something on the 10th, if the teaser they posted was in fact a Leviathan release

    5 jun 08:49 Svara
  • jja3o

    split 7" with Krieg should be out in june according to Krieg's facebook-page

    31 maj 17:17 Svara


    30 maj 03:09 Svara
  • GraveHill1992

    "He's a rapist, but a nice guy" hahahahahahaha son of a bitch

    24 maj 17:22 Svara
  • WarWolfSpirit

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I only have a shitty $30 USB Turntable, but it gets the job done to be able to listen to it through my stereo, and it also makes perfect vinyl rips. You should save up for one if you can.

    1 maj 20:38 Svara
  • TrueMithrandir

    who is this fruitcake? I only like the 70s US Prog band

    1 maj 04:04 Svara
  • hrenznaetkto

    I know there will be released online, but it's nothing like having actual physical copy of the release. That's what makes me sad.

    30 apr 13:56 Svara
  • WarWolfSpirit

    I'm sure a 'scene' releaser, such as BERC will get their grubby hands on it, & make sure it's uploaded with THEIR name on it. (With a bunch of mistakes, & wrong info, as usual) However, if I can have anything to do with preventing that from happening, I will. I hate when scene releasers destroy a vinyl/tape rip of an album that everyone will eventually be subject to, because there is only one rip circulating. The first one uploaded. If there is a case in point, it's some of the demos, & even the Black Metal Against The World split, which the label & releasers both fucked up monumentally. (Mislabeled) Also ripped with no attention to detail, & lazily thrown in a folder/upped to a site. There were doubles, shit not labeled; a fake demo 8; fake pics-The list goes on. I don't like doing this without asking the artist personally; however, I'll release this one to ensure the quality, as well as information posted. It WILL be released by someone. It's Leviathan. So I may as well do it myself.

    30 apr 02:08 Svara
  • hrenznaetkto

    Well, shit. Wish i had a vinyl player.

    29 apr 12:41 Svara
  • WarWolfSpirit

    Yes, it will be a split 7" released through Holy Terror records sometime this year. No one really knows a timetable yet, however. All I know, is that the records parts are completed, but really have no other new information to give anyone. https://www.facebook.com/HolyTerrorRecords/posts/645270928827354

    27 apr 22:12 Svara
  • WarWolfSpirit

    As far as I know, yes. There is potential for a tape release, but as of right now, I was only informed that there will be a 7", and am assuming they are going to keep it to vinyl, and perhaps a special edition colored vinyl or picture disc. A friend that is involved, & knows how much of a Leviathan fan I am told me about it. I'll probably just ask him to make sure what the deal is and if they even want the related info about the release out to the public at large yet. I'll let everyone know what I find out.

    27 apr 21:28 Svara
  • hrenznaetkto

    "A split 7" with Krieg." - well, damn. Does it mean it's going to be vinyl-only release?

    27 apr 20:46 Svara
  • WarWolfSpirit

    @hrenznaetkto: Always glad to relay information to other Leviathan fans. Also, yes, that's exactly what I was talking about. A split 7" with Krieg. Not sure when it's going to come out, but I'm really looking forward to both releases, more than I've looked forward to music in quite some time.

    26 apr 01:06 Svara
  • hrenznaetkto

    @WarWolfSpirit: Always nice to hear about new stuff from Wrest. As far as i know, that other release is split with Krieg, isnt it? At least something like that appeared on Krieg's Facebook.

    25 apr 20:58 Svara
  • WarWolfSpirit

    News:: At least 2 new releases are coming soon, from what I have been able to find out from mutual friends and acquaintances. Jef is doing very well for himself now. Heard all kinds of good news about him recently, (won't go into it. It's personal.) which is great, because I hoped he wouldn't go down that same path that Blake Judd did. Anyways, I can't confirm this, but I heard that he & his girlfriend are expecting. New album as of right now to be titled 'Scar Sighted'. (Which could change 5 times by the time it actually comes out.) There will also be another release soon before or after the release of Scar Sighted. I only have details on the Full-Length's name, and I'm not at liberty to discuss much about the other album, what it is, or who may be involved, if anyone; even though I already know....which drives me fucking crazy. I could just blab everything, but I like to be able to keep getting info like this. Just know that shit is in the works, & will be on it's way, soon.

    25 apr 06:48 Svara
  • Russian_Wolf

    нда, популярное названьице судя по всему

    19 apr 15:17 Svara
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