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  • Neon_Spadezzz

    I love this song.

    juli 2013
  • amor_DM101

    <3 Ladytron

    mars 2013
  • bobbyj85


    januari 2012
  • Gauranga_


    januari 2012
  • spreadblood4


    september 2011
  • xstarstruckkkx


    maj 2011
  • pawdraig

    Dark, haunting, sexy.

    mars 2011
  • joepezt

    buchu, mind over matter :)

    mars 2011
  • Buchu_Abunai

    don't you love when you have a certain song in mind, and then you click "Play Ladytron Radio," and then it plays that very song!? I Predicted the mutha fucking DAY!!!

    september 2010
  • needmymusictoda

    ❤ Seriously loving this ❤ Thanks!

    september 2010
  • riomarcos

    I like this song, it's very very very New Order!

    augusti 2010
  • zeartist

    Absolutely love this song, the beats, the synths, the voices, the whistling, the breathy sound, etc etc!!

    maj 2010
  • vagrant_lust

    so layered, hard, intense and sexy. ladytron's best sounds yet (along with black kat).

    november 2009
  • Huggkruka

    Would raise the music quality of a night club without making a dent in the dancability!

    oktober 2009
  • thomas534

    самая запоминающаяся и необычная композиция Velocifero

    september 2009
  • leidyd

    i=ah i love u

    augusti 2009
  • rodrigomuniz

    amazing in many ways.

    juli 2009
  • AvoidTheCheese

    Ladytron makes me wanna slap on some leather and ride a big ass bike through the town like I'm a hero or some some. epic song mothu-trucker!

    juli 2009

    pre-dick the day

    juni 2009
  • prosopagnosia

    I used to skip this song all the time because, believe it or not, I found everything about it super annoying(!) But now, for reasons unknown, I can't seem to imagine my life without it lol

    maj 2009
  • Nihilistic23

    Great percussions again, almost industrial-like, great breaks, great lyrics, wonderful vocal performance. Yeah, this makes me kinda feel good, heh...

    maj 2009
  • GazGod

    My absolute favourite :)

    maj 2009
  • smilingstar3

    I didn't like it all that much when I first heard it...but now it's GREAT!

    april 2009
  • licoricepizza

    some clever marching band should do this one.

    april 2009
  • xradonx


    april 2009
  • inphanta

    This song sounds under-developed and the melody is very weak. Nice distorted beats, though.

    februari 2009
  • JeAdoreLaCafe

    It spins me round !!

    februari 2009
  • Inbetweener

    It had to grow on me for sure, but this song is deffo one of my favorites now, pure awesomeness!

    februari 2009
  • pomidorro

    have no words .... adore

    februari 2009
  • djgizmoe

    Respectfully disagree. It's good to hear something a little more playful from them. Love the whistling.

    december 2008
  • MetalMalis

    Damn, how good is this? So clever, I love it B-)

    november 2008
  • TheCandyManCan

    this song makes me feel sexy

    november 2008
  • absolia

    are they hot? i dunno. they're pretty much dead fish onstage. almost comatose.

    november 2008
  • krlosnow

    Pensaba que "witching hour" era insuperable....pero "Velocifero" está muy cerca.

    november 2008
  • proefound

    wow..are these girls hot? if so, i have this bottle of ranch dressing that i'd like to pour on them.

    november 2008
  • absolia

    catchy as hell

    oktober 2008
  • bowchee

    love this song

    oktober 2008
  • sophieb90

    I never thought, I didn't think twice

    oktober 2008
  • rotten_buffy

    booty shakin'

    oktober 2008
  • xlephierprime


    september 2008
  • dasNeonlicht

    I believe this song can best be described as an "ass-shaker".

    september 2008
  • mattlazear


    augusti 2008
  • dearcarniwhore

    hell yeah!

    augusti 2008
  • vesituli

    Really cool.

    augusti 2008
  • ChuckWilsonDB

    eu curto pra kct esta musica, mas ela simplesmente naum toca d uma vez soh no meu micro... toca um trecho e para, toca outro e para... q q acontece?!?!

    juni 2008
  • Sanches10

    What a great song.

    juni 2008
  • schirenz

    definitely one of the highlights on Velocifero.

    juni 2008
  • Themeros

    Really gooood!

    maj 2008
  • athena_kay


    maj 2008
  • gunslingerdarko

    I just love this song!

    maj 2008