• Record collection - Update 2013.10.22

    2 jan 2012, 09:11 av Bryanvdst

    My CD/DVD/etc collection. Updated October 22nd.

    ★ = Ordered, not yet received


    88 Fingers Louie
    ・Behind Bars (CD)
    ・The Dom Years (CD)
    ・Back on the Streets (CD)
    ・Split (CD) (w/ Kid Dynamite)
    ・88 Fingers Louie LIVES (CD)

    ・Go Away! (7")
    ・Wanted (7")
    ・The Teacher gets it (7" yellow)

    ・88 Fingers Louie LIVES (DVD)

    A Day to Remember
    ・For Those Who Have Heart (CD) (2nd)

    ・0.6 (CD)
    ・Anomie (CD)

    Arctic Monkeys
    ・Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not (CD)
    ・Favourite Worst Nightmare (CD)

    ・When the Sun Goes Down (7")
    ・Brianstorm (10")
    ・Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair (10")

    Attack! Attack!
    ・Attack! Attack! (CD)
    ・The Latest Fashion (CD)
    ・Unplugged (CD)
    ・Long Road to Nowhere (CD)

    ・You and Me (CD)
    ・This is a Test (CD)
    ・Not Afraid (CD)

    Avenged Sevenfold
    ・City of Evil (CD)
    ・Avenged Sevenfold (CD)
    ・Live at the LBC / Diamonds in the Rough (CD+DVD)