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Klaus Wiese



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  • Bohtvaroh

    Have he attained enlightenment while being alive?

    11 apr 05:14 Svara
  • DasX2007

    One of the best Ambient artists ever.

    28 sep 2013 Svara
  • cogsturning

    i have 61 releases from him and for years now the one thing i cant find is mahakala-puja. i know he didnt even create it, just recorded it, but it drives me crazy that i cant find it. can anyone point me in the right direction for acquiring it?

    13 sep 2013 Svara
  • Zypraxa

    ... at least, that's my opinion. I'm especially fond of his CD's in that vein I expounded upon - deep, pulsating; festooned etheric miasmas, nebulous masses concatenating; shimmering endlessly, rising and falling in confluence. I have in fact utilised these albums - specifically, "Trance", "Gandhafa", "Allah Infinity", "Soma", "Qumra II" and a pair of his riveting discs entirely dedicated to Tibetan singing bowls, "Neptun" and "Uranus". Give it a try sometime if you practice meditation. I'm not "spiritual" in any way whatsoever, but it's beneficial to someone such as myself. Anyway, RIP Herr Wiese, you will be missed... yet your mentoring of other ambient LEGENDS such as Oöphoi, Mr. Grassow and Jim Cole will in effect preserve your legacy. True ambient... PURE ambient xD! By the way, I actually love all kinds of ambient music. Ambient is limitless. I'm producing some myself but Fruity Loops doesn't seem adequate for meticulously arranged atmospherics... hmm! Peace and love! xD

    25 okt 2012 Svara
  • Zypraxa

    RIP. You were a seminal contributor to a small cohort of musicians purveying PURE ambient, unsullied by beats, samples, stylistic interpolations or elements. If y'all don't understand the singular style I'm alluding to here, pure ambient maestros include Oöphoi, Mathias Grassow, Netherworld, Tau Ceti and Steve Roach (the latter pair also dabbled in ethnic and tribal idioms, not detracting from the sublime quality of their "pure" output), all of whom he collaborated with during his lifetime. This is not to say Wiese was derivative (he was pioneering new techniques well before the careers of those aforementioned musicians took off) - he imbued his pieces with an individual spirituality and a mystical, arcane atmosphere. Sure, much of it was music for meditation. But we're not talking new age pan flutes and shit. These soundfields are intended to accompany deep, intensive and purgative psychonautics.

    25 okt 2012 Svara
  • Iron_Storm

    great spirit.. thank you so much for your manifestation

    22 maj 2012 Svara
  • Anamnesis-

    i luv dat d00d <3

    5 maj 2012 Svara
  • csqjhe

    A New El Hadra CD is announced: http://www.mathias-grassow.de

    4 maj 2011 Svara
  • iljabelenky

    http://www.last.fm/artist/ilja+belenky rest in the peace of eternity, dear Klaus! i love you so much...

    4 nov 2010 Svara
  • thehumanweapon

    why oh why did you have leave us and stars of the lid still remains at large? :(

    17 okt 2010 Svara
  • MinduLT


    20 jun 2010 Svara
  • wppss

    RIP brotha

    7 dec 2009 Svara
  • maggervommond

    Great music! Great music! Thank you!

    4 jun 2009 Svara
  • Grindak


    26 maj 2009 Svara
  • cogsturning

    i only just heard about his passing...what an unfortuante loss. RIP

    8 apr 2009 Svara
  • Dudewalker

    The inexplicable depth of Sound.

    25 mar 2009 Svara
  • Thammerlan

    Realy great musician. His music of thin sides of our existence lasts in the Eternity. RIP.

    13 feb 2009 Svara
  • MinduLT

    » Today, January, 27th 2009, Klaus Wiese has left his human incarnation and passed away. This is the most shocking news, especially for his family and friends, but as well for all people who love his music, which is a source of inspiration and peace and will be with us forever! May Klaus rest in peace.

    10 feb 2009 Svara
  • trancing


    4 feb 2009 Svara
  • Iron_Storm

    great mind, great legacy

    4 feb 2009 Svara
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