It's Easy To Pull Wool Over The Eyes Of Sheep

Kamikaze Ambulance
11 låtar



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1 Living The Dream 3:22 16
2 If You Knew What I Was Thinking, You'd Call The Police 2:21 1
3 Crystals 2:37 12
4 I Paid Him $50 To Blow My Mind(And He Did) 3:33 13
5 Okay, But You Don't Need That Many Lemons To Make Lemonade 2:04 5
6 I Buried My Ego In The Backyard Next To The Soldiers That Protected Me From The… 4:35 8
7 If It Was A Gay Bar, Then That's News To Me 2:24 11
8 And The Winner Is...Me! For Being Seen With All Of You Losers! 2:32 7
9 Patients Aren't A Virtue, They're Annoying. Let Them Stay Sick (The Incident) 1:03 6
10 Droning On About The Emerald Sun And It's Inevitable Expansion Beyond The Parameters… 6:17 9
11 This Is What I've Been Missing 1:45 3

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