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  • dhidon

    I don't like vanderbilt too...I don't know but, to me his singing style is a bit strange

    maj 2012
  • Eddy_S

    Such a stylish guy and an awesome singer. He will be missed. I just hope they don't get Rhapsody's singer to be in his place, or the old singer (can't remember his name), I don't like them...

    december 2011
  • silversadheart

    " i want this dude's coat. " Me too, is just awesome... but not as much as Khan itself... what a sad thing that he leave us : (

    november 2011
  • x_tary_x

    For ever my god and angel of music

    november 2011
  • otaku-dono

    i want this dude's coat.

    november 2011
  • moonshadow0

    I love this picture, but downvoted because he is not the band -___-

    november 2011
  • Niiin_a

    november 2011
  • soypauperrimo

    God +2

    september 2011
  • Sonnycz


    augusti 2011
  • Lionheartattack

    The thumbnail looks very stupid (especially since he's not in the band anymore :P).

    augusti 2011
  • chaser_eskimo

    Roy will always be Kamelot to me.

    augusti 2011

    Roy is an amazig singer, but he is not Kamelot. voted down 'cause this one shouldn't be main

    augusti 2011
  • MireilleBouquet

    Who the hell voted this down?

    juni 2011
  • EternalSilence-

    Wow, seeing Khan's pic as the main picture is a bit weird, that generally happens to Simone Simons. Oh well...

    juni 2011
  • Stb1990


    juni 2011
  • Nevmet

    ТруЪ косплэй стилисты Властелина колец негодуэ))

    juni 2011
  • CarolFontoura

    so sad he's leaving the band! =(

    maj 2011
  • jessyrocker

    Love that

    maj 2011
  • vivizok_

    powerfull!! I LOVE HIM!! <3

    maj 2011
  • jane187

    miss him :(

    maj 2011
  • tamelessheart

    thanks for breaking my heart and make the world an awful place, dumbass.

    april 2011
  • Darmer_91


    april 2011
  • Garuns_Kitteh

    my absolute favourite. though I'm pretty surprised to see that apparently the sleeves don't originally belong to that awesome coat o.O but yet... hey show me one other man on Earth who manages to look good in this outfit.

    mars 2011
  • CarlosDornelles


    januari 2011
  • runforafall


    september 2010
  • Artanna

    this, i like.

    augusti 2010