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  • earthman121

    so good .... :)

    december 2013
  • Liquid_Smoke

    "Robinson and MF Doom make a great combination." they just sound the same. mf doom is nothing compared to this guy

    oktober 2011

    ROBOT ROBINSON...HE WEARS SPACE BOOTS...I KID U NOT! http://beatvizion.com/?page_id=169 ROBOT ROBINSON PROJECT...RELEASES IN MARCH 2011...ENGAGE! Http://www.thejohnrobinsonproject.com

    mars 2011
  • dewfish

    Robinson and MF Doom make a great combination.

    december 2010
  • masuat


    augusti 2010
  • andrewe843

    very good hip hop [2]

    juli 2010
  • growingupagain

    love this guy. amazing discography..

    juli 2010
  • Tox1co

    Very Good hip-hop.

    juni 2010
  • astrow-u-know

    Good hip-hop.[2]

    juni 2010
  • Wind_Ninja

    Good hip-hop.

    april 2010
  • Machiventa

    Love all his work but the collab with Carlos Nino is really really dope. the last two Scienz Of Life albums are crazy too

    januari 2010
  • dj-clap

    wow, what an output, just discovered it in the last days... amazing!

    december 2009
  • songorocosongo

    i hope yall are not sleeping on his Jay Are project with J. Rawls....that album is goodness

    oktober 2009
  • Tchesky

    very creative, one of the best underground rappers for me now

    september 2009
  • theleft

    that king geedorah track is THE SHIT

    september 2009
  • SwipeDS

    I have met him at a record store on a festival and wore by chance a Scienz of Life shirt. Great moment!

    augusti 2009
  • life-hurts

    I am not sure, if he's is not another alter ego of mf doom ;)

    juli 2009
  • golfmade

    Thought I recognized his voice, later realized yes he's Scienz from Scienz of Life. Great stuff, check it out.

    juli 2009
  • Putureancient

    sick sick sick! 1st herd lyricist lounge vol 1 blew my mind then plus check scienz of life albums...yikes! thats him http://www.last.fm/music/Scienz+of+Life

    maj 2009
  • b_bhoy7

    "the fundamentals of foundational Hip-Hop" LMAO, who wrote that? anyhooo... yeah I recognised this dude from Sorcerers and Yiikes. Dope MC. I need to give I Am Not For Sale more listens.

    april 2009
  • FiftyGrosz

    One Word. Respect.

    april 2009
  • uncom37

    Check him out at Sputnik in Brooklyn on May 15th! Full Details on www.uncommonmusic.net

    april 2009
  • ShaggyShortLegs

    ATLANTA: John Robinson and C-Rayz Walz live in ATL! April 16 at Apache Cafe.

    april 2009
  • MooDuck22

    John Robinson - Sorcerers Feat. MF DOOM and Invizible Handz awesome!

    mars 2009
  • yukide

    http://worldjazzyhiphop.seesaa.net/ GOOD artist!!

    mars 2009
  • iMurk

    The 'I Am Not For Sale' album is predominantly Flying Lotus beats . .

    februari 2009
  • street_dawg

    this cat is ill and so underrated

    februari 2009
  • wolf_aka_monk

    Так средненько...Не впечатлил!!!

    januari 2009
  • robert42

    New John Robninson produced by J DILLA: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=kXUu49ZuWdg

    januari 2009
  • KingHeff

    and no shit they're sick beats... they're all from MF DOOM fool

    januari 2009
  • KingHeff

    this shit is fire, real hip hop rep and spread the word about lil sci aka john robinson...

    januari 2009
  • theyefan

    good LORD the new album is dope! people NEED to wake up to this man. wait, who is this man?

    januari 2009
  • glenhay

    John Robinson over DOOM beats - f'ing tight.

    december 2008
  • CocoaDusted

    His voice sounds a bit like Geedorah I think.

    december 2008
  • betoonking

    who is this man?

    december 2008
  • MontezumasRache

    damn.. highly underrated

    december 2008
  • EdPee

    Excellent album. Yikes!

    november 2008
  • life-hurts

    he's so awesome!

    november 2008
  • Carter61

    This album is ill

    november 2008
  • Spankmaster79

    huge new album!!! Like it a lot

    november 2008
  • Jaysilla

    werd, feelin' the new album.

    november 2008
  • SupaNerd

    J.R. got game, real talk...

    november 2008
  • nachtaktiv

    sick beats... he's got taste. dope album!

    november 2008
  • iMurk

    Really like the new album. Love the Don King beat.

    oktober 2008
  • mmou

    New album sounds really dope!!

    oktober 2008
  • demoFPM

    who is this man? = amazing

    oktober 2008
  • kazotaja

    the hip-hop robinson is just awesome

    augusti 2008
  • zoot_suit_riot

    this is obviously shared by 2 artists... hooray for non-techno john

    maj 2007