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John Martyn



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  • fuzzcanyon

    Get this generic pop garbage out of my John Martyn page. What a shame! [2]

    28 jul 06:56 Svara
  • captain-badass

    Get this generic pop garbage out of my John Martyn page. What a shame!

    21 jul 19:37 Svara
  • lewwatt

    DON'T submit a correction for your dance music on this page! Do as MakeSomeFUN says: "http://www.last.fm/music/John+Martyn/_/Anywhere+For+You Suggest a correction:John Martin - Anywhere For You".

    3 jul 19:16 Svara
  • b52ohlol

    John Martin - Anywhere For You : possibly one of the most generic and colossal assaults on my ears for a long time. I implore any of you lost lambs to check out the real John Martyn - something like Bless The Weather or Don't Want To Know. You owe it to your brains, any inkling of good taste left within your cerebral cortex, music with real heart and not faux sentiments. I fail to see how the difference in tenuity could escape even the most retarded on the planet.

    29 jun 15:02 Svara
  • mutinyonark

    @thunder__ WELL sorry if you're here for whoever the fuck john martin is, this is john martyns page. There is no correction. No reason to keep posting it on this page. Go try tmz

    1 jun 14:33 Svara
  • thunder__

    I'm here for John Martin, please last fm.

    1 maj 06:19 Svara
  • oldfag0

    Sweet little mystery...

    30 apr 14:22 Svara
  • Spirit_15

    Suggest a correction: John Martin [2]

    25 apr 20:47 Svara
  • Juan-k_86

    I've just discovered John Martyn searching for some Nick Drake's like music and now I think I'm gonna love him

    22 apr 14:40 Svara
  • ArturFreire

    Suggest a correction: John Martin

    30 mar 21:27 Svara
  • skitchuk

    WTF? Where's swedish John Martin? I'm afraid.

    26 mar 13:30 Svara
  • MakeSomeFUN

    http://www.last.fm/music/John+Martyn/_/Anywhere+For+You Suggest a correction:John Martin - Anywhere For You

    21 mar 18:58 Svara
  • dannyboy77

    I am trying to listen to the very much alive Scandinavian artist John Martin but stupid Last.fm keeps spelling it this way.

    17 feb 19:56 Svara
  • JohnnyMath

    Nice, very nice

    7 jan 20:16 Svara
  • wendell3

    Totally agree.

    7 jan 07:47 Svara
  • RicoVancouver

    John was a complete genius. I discovered his music with " Bless the Weather" . Used that music at my wedding. Check out tunes like " Easy Blues" , " Couldn't love you more" and " Gun Money". John is still my favourite. Such a smoky voice will never be heard again with that amazing guitar.

    2 jan 09:55 Svara
  • A1enochka


    8 dec 2013 Svara
  • RussellChap

    John Martyn a drunken genius with a heart of gold and worked with Phil Collins...he wasn't run of the mill

    5 dec 2013 Svara
  • Nochek

    thank you, Sir.

    17 sep 2013 Svara
  • headey

    Worth mentioning again : A tribute album entitled Johnny Boy Would Love this…a Tribute to John Martyn was released on 15 August 2011, comprising cover versions of his songs by various artists who he had worked with or influenced.

    15 sep 2013 Svara
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