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  • Coffee_P

    Awesome woman, awesome voice, awesome music, awesome everything. After 4-5 Years of totally kinda forgetting her (I was around 13 then) I come back, to hear I believe of her again and get all the memories back I had at that time.

    april 2013
  • aino_island


    november 2012
  • wolfsmagik

    Love Not Looking Back, it's piano driven album, Beautiful![2]

    mars 2012
  • unexpected86

    Love Not Looking Back, it's piano driven album, Beautiful!

    mars 2012
  • Altec_19

    I agree with "unexpected86" - "Miss JZ" is masterpice !

    december 2011
  • KimberlyX

    "Hearts Don't Lie" is a masterpiece! [2]

    september 2011
  • viisupete

    "Hearts Don't Lie" is a masterpiece!

    september 2011
  • realSandy

    She's underrated..

    juli 2010
  • B-u-n-z-Y

    Recently played Miss JZ, awesome work ...!!

    juli 2010
  • unexpected86

    Miss JZ is amazing!

    juni 2010
  • Alovers

    I Believe (Give a Little Bit...)

    april 2010
  • coleman17

    such a bad bad bad voice :P

    oktober 2009
  • unexpected86

    Love you joana, go back to the style of your first two albums,

    april 2009
  • bluetooth38

    I have just got my Album of Joana Zimmer and what a fantastic voice she has got and just love this Album of hers .:)

    februari 2009
  • niggo62

    Yes, really, she has got a wonderful voice, clear and impressive. The lyric is one of the best, it makes sense and helps through lonely moments. And I have learned to live without my biggest love of all, wish I would have found this song during the hardest time of my live. Me too, I have learned the hard way to walk olone, to live without my love. It took me years, butnow I can smile again.

    januari 2009
  • SatineNic

    her voice... it's so known... sth like Celine's voice.

    december 2008
  • sirang

    Awesome voice. I love her

    september 2008
  • samonline

    I didn't know that she is blind ... indeed her voice is amazing and her songs goes directly into the heart

    september 2008
  • Mjuzik_zg

    I remember her video I BELIEVE, song is good. A pitty she's blind :(

    januari 2007
  • SwirlingMind

    Such a fabulous voice.

    januari 2007
  • borninthe90s

    My Innermost is a good album. She has a lovely voice. For a person who can't see, I think she sings better than some of these pop singers, today.

    oktober 2006