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  • Killork


    april 2014
  • paolalobatos

    Jay Will Alays Be The Best Fuck Everybody Else [3]

    januari 2014
  • rogermudd008

    Nice kut.

    september 2013
  • Adrian347

    he who does not feel me is not real to me, therefore he doesn't exist

    juli 2013
  • gonzeaux

    Thank you Yeezy [2]

    april 2013
  • rhinowing

    middle school jamz

    mars 2013
  • steveisms


    mars 2013
  • alefspfc

    absolutely love this fucking song

    december 2012
  • pos9matranje

    k-5 jamz

    oktober 2012
  • p-each

    Thank you Yeezy

    augusti 2012
  • Ariues

    V i thought so but i never looked into it

    juni 2012
  • faceliftedd

    lol get it he calls himself jahova

    april 2012
  • Steamboating

    never really like this too sweet for me

    april 2012
  • AriannaNuffSaid

    Jay Will Alays Be The Best Fuck Everybody Else [2]

    mars 2012
  • smashfest


    februari 2012
  • YankeeNTX

    Thats the Anthem!!.... get your damn hands up!!!

    januari 2012
  • mrsjackson2012


    januari 2012
  • far7east8boy

    ETHER ...

    januari 2012
  • lhero55

    thanks yeezy and hov

    december 2011
  • CaesarDaGuard

    Jay Will Alays Be The Best Fuck Everybody Else

    oktober 2011
  • MCNasirJones

    H to the Izzo > Jigga That Nigga

    oktober 2011
  • Atightradio

    Yeah !!he got down like some neckbones an fresh greens in the pots on the stove, shit Im about to eat.

    juli 2011
  • rcVoss7


    juli 2011
  • ThyDevourer

    H to the izz-O, V to the izz-A

    juni 2011
  • CypheroN

    Eisen -- hover? :)

    juni 2011
  • younghova187

    Classic. Sick. Outstanding. H.O.V.A. is the G.O.A.T

    maj 2011
  • mattgee725

    this is a fucking classic, hands down, no question. absolutely mindblowing, even a decade later.

    maj 2011
  • RedSteel92

    Fucking Last.FM censoring my tracks. You can't listen to Jay-Z without the foul language. :/

    maj 2011
  • mygodchris

    @drainagerelated I have to disagree....this is one of the few jay-z tracks not aimlessly blabbering...actually has some direction...

    maj 2011
  • greenone08

    SICK SICK SICK SICK song fucking beat and just flow is priceless

    mars 2011
  • j-liss


    mars 2011
  • HumbleGold

    did i tell you to sell drugs? no, hov did that so hopefully you don't have to go through that

    januari 2011
  • gyorel


    december 2010
  • PubeHead_

    This song is timeless, I'll be banging to this in 2050!!!

    december 2010
  • god_of_monkeys

    vamoose, son of a bitch

    november 2010
  • tonebrown2000


    november 2010
  • Freefornow


    oktober 2010
  • polobandit

    Agreed with davidoa.

    oktober 2010
  • davidoa

    trolling going on right below this comment.

    september 2010
  • drainagerelated

    amateur rhymes put to computer rhythms

    augusti 2010
  • stephanieshar


    juli 2010

    charge it to da game of playyas

    juni 2010
  • TheKeyFiles

    I just paid attention to the lyrics of this song for the 1st time the other week! I had no idea of the truth he was spittin in this song... i thought it was just a party song! "Label owners hate me I'm raisin' the status quo up I'm overchargin' niggaz for what they did to the Cold Crush Pay us like you owe us for all the years that you hold us

    juni 2010
  • wooddctr

    i know 1 thing, hova better hold on tite to b,,, forereal!!

    maj 2010
  • SoulSouPreeM

    damn Hov.. so Sick!!!

    maj 2010
  • adriana52910

    filé do boi! KKKKKKKKKK

    februari 2010
  • oruiz


    februari 2010
  • Pinkfloydbeck

    Vamos, son of a bitch!

    februari 2010
  • michative88


    januari 2010
  • missy_aggro


    december 2009