• Recommendation #63 [Jamiroquai - Rock Dust Light Star]

    29 okt 2010, 22:12 av ofLogic


    Jamiroquai have spent their 18-year career occupying an indistinct spot in British music somewhere between almost cool and slightly naff. It has helped Jay Kay (for Jamiroquai, let’s face it, is he, plus an evolving cast of collaborators) become one of those artists whose music seems somehow fashion-proof, because it’s never been in or out of it.

    Since their mainstream emergence with number one debut Emergency On Planet Earth back in 1993, the band’s disco-friendly - sound has undergone very little makeover, and although Kay’s been somewhat laughably dubbed "the king of funk" in downmarket newspapers and regularly gushed over in upmarket Sunday supplement profiles, he has always been a little too unashamedly successful for music anoraks to embrace unreservedly. It’s easy to sneer at the man’s taste for loose cars and fast women, and smirk cynically when he gets in another tabloid-documented late night scrape; but…
  • Jamiroquai - Rock Dust Light Star 2010

    22 okt 2010, 21:18 av adskiy_ptenchik


    Honestly, I did not expect to hear anything exciting in new album by Jamiroquai. Amazingly, last time I heard them, when I was under cocaine and its aftereffects, so I did not suppose that the release can make me happy, regardless of quality. But...Everybody lies, everybody can be mistaken! Thanks little sweetie girl for warez link. My advices to everybody is to listen! Fly & cry!

    Честно не ожидал от Jamiroquai чего-либо нового. Учитывая что я последний раз торчал под милых мне господ, и на них же ловил все прелести отходов, было естественным как минимум остоебение от нового материала, каким бы он качественным не был. Ан, нет! Спасибо Маше за ссылку на релиз. Советую воткнуть и проникнуться фсем!

    Some morning critical update.
    1. Rock Dust Light Star
    It`s nice, but that`s it. The sound is too studio. It`s a little too much, in despite of it`s nice. Probably i liked it a lot live, but it`s not working now.