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  • lastinglove

    This song is so good along with the album.

    april 2011
  • iluvslug

    i love his voice

    februari 2011
  • twombolt

    пиздатая тема=)

    januari 2011
  • mhetrick

    One of my all time favorites!

    augusti 2010
  • CommetBoxJunky

    ""Wash your dirty mouth""

    mars 2010
  • skittleskiller

    I very very like this song. =) I very very love Hot Hot Heat too. =P They are killer live. =D

    december 2009
  • surfbum76

    not my favourite band but a good one - first album I reckon is their best!

    november 2009
  • CAVermeer

    New album should be out in the not too distant future, it's recorded and mixed...*excited*

    juli 2009
  • Satoshi-hikari

    I like it :)

    juni 2009
  • ewelka250


    februari 2009
  • knitchick23

    Love. very fun, I'm dancing in my seat.

    februari 2009
  • Lizzybennet0

    Ok...this song isn't by Hot Hot Hot, it's by the Fray. It's Look After You. Am I the only one getting it playing?

    februari 2009
  • Kaoz21

    like this band! starting to know 'em!

    februari 2009
  • amandaargh

    I'm not a giant HHH fan, but I really like this song.

    september 2008
  • rachaelraq

    I'm liking this, alot!

    september 2008
  • mariastuarda

    I love them!

    augusti 2008
  • Satoshi-hikari

    I like it.

    juni 2008
  • Folter17

    I'm crazy about it!

    juni 2008
  • stekbulle

    nice song :) makes me wanna dance ;)

    juni 2008
  • andrealcubo

    DIRTHY MOUTH :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    april 2008
  • peach_patrol

    I havent heard of Hot Hot Heat until now, and i have to say i really like this song :) Radical!

    februari 2008
  • Trickface

    Quite good.

    september 2007
  • pj_harvey

    i love this song, maybe their best

    september 2007
  • LxTrixII

    i dislike this song

    juni 2007
  • 10xblah

    why does noone like this song!?!? well i do!

    juni 2007